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I.  Support Women in Science

If achieving diversity in the workforce is a goal of your organization, then networking with some great scientific minds of the next generation at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics is the opportunity for you. Over the last half-century, fewer women have earned Bachelor and Ph.D. degrees in physics compared to other science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Why? Current research shows that women’s interests and achievements are shaped by social and environmental factors as well as climate. The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics is designed to motivate undergraduate women to persist in physics at the Bachelor of Science level and move on to graduate school or physics-related careers. Your organization can take an active role in retaining these undergraduate women in STEM fields by providing positive role models who can openly discuss your organization's social environment, climate, and diversity and/or who can connect conference attendees with mentors in your workplace. We anticipate up to 150 undergraduate women from the southeastern states of the United States to attend this workshop. The attendees have diverse backgrounds, such as electronic design, optics, lasers, condensed matter, planetary science, astronomy, aerospace, renewable energy, nuclear energy, cosmic rays, computer programming, etc. We invite you to impact and shape these women's future careers by sponsoring this conference. As a sponsor, your organization can meet one-on-one during the Graduate and Industry Fair to inform attendees about your products, projects, and social environment. As a sponsor, you will directly help retain and increase the number of women in STEM fields in the future at your organization. We thank you for your support.

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