• I attended last year, can I apply agan?

    Yes - this year's conference will be different from last year's, and you will be at a different stage in your career. Note, however, that in case the conference is over-subscribed, preference will be given to students who have not attended previously.

  • What will increase my chances of being accepted?

    Make sure you send in your application before November 1, 2013! On the application form, put some thought into the (short) essay question about why you want to attend the conference. Priority will be given to applicants who (i) are undergraduate physics majors, (ii) have never attended a CUWiP, and (iii) are applying to attend the conference that is geographically closest to their expected location January 17-19, 2014.

  • Why should I apply to the conference that is closest to me if my preference is to go somewhere else?

    We are trying to offer as many students as possible the opportunity to attend a CUWiP, at the same time as keeping travel costs at a minimum. Since there will be a number of regional conferences, our goal is most easily achieved by having students attend their regional conference (of their location in mid-January, 2014) - these students will be given priority in the evaluation process.

  • Do I have to present a poster to attend the conference?

    No, it is not a requirement. If you have been involved in undergraduate research, however, we do encourage you to bring a poster - it will be a good opportunity to show your work in a professional environment.


  • What is the difference between application and registration?

    All students who are interested in attending a conference must fill out an application form. The application will be evaluated by the local organizing committee of the conference to which you applied, and you will be informed if you are accepted by late November. If you are accepted, you will then be asked to register and pay the $25 non-refundable registration fee. The purpose of the registration fee is to cover a small fraction of the cost of food and accommodation, and to minimize the number of students who register but then do not attend the conference thereby limiting the number of students who benefit from the conferences and wasting resources. Students who cannot afford the registration fee can contact the APS at the time of registration to make an appeal to have the registration fee refunded.

  • What if I cannot afford the $25 registration fee?

    Student who cannot afford the registration fee can contact the APS at the time of registration to make an appeal to have the registration fee refunded.

  • Are there other costs (for the student) associated with the conference, in addition to the registration fee?

    No, there is only the $25 registration fee, food and lodging (and tours) will be provided by the conference.  Travel should be paid for by the students' home department, although we do hope to offer a limited number of travel grants.

Travel and Accomodation

  • How can I get to Baton Rouge?

    Baton Rouge is on Interstate 10, about 4 hours drive from Houston, 6.5 hours from Dallas, 2.5 hours from Jackson, MS, and 5 hours from Oxford, MS. We encourage you to carpool with participants in your area and will assist you car pools if you are interested. Baton Rouge has a regional airport (BTR) with daily flights to a number of hubs. 

  • What will the accomodations be?

    We will be using the Cook Hotel and the Staybridge Suites. Participants will stay in double rooms, with one room mate. You will be able to express your room mate preference when you register. The Cook Hotel is in walking distance from the LSU campus, and we will provide bus transport morning and evening to the Staybridge Suites.