Below we have listed all the members of the local organizing committee. For general questions, contact Mette Gaarde (). For sponsor questions, contact Gabriela Gonzalez. For questions on what it is like to attend a CUWiP, contact Bethany Broekhoven () or Mia Ferriss ().

Faculty -

  • Mette Gaarde, Professor

  • Gabriela Gonzalez, Professor

Graduate Students -

  • Anamaria Effler, Graduate Student

Recent Graduates/Past CUWiP Participants -

  • Bethany Broekhoven, LSU Class of 2013, Research Associate

  • Mia Ferris, LSU Class of 2013, Teacher, Dutchtown High School

Undergraduate Students -

  • Hannah Gardiner, LSU Class of 2014

  • Amy LeBleu, LSU Class of 2016

Staff -

  • Stephanie Jones (budget)

  • Karen Richard (website)

Local Organizing Partners -

  • Marco Cavaglia, Associate Professor
    Dept. of Physics, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

  • Theda Daniels-Race, Associate Professor
    Dept. of Elect. eng. and Comp. Science, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA