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Baton Rouge Lagniappe

ICAM Workshop on
Novel Emergent Phenomena Created by Spatial Confinement
October 26-29, 2010

Workshop Organizers:
Jiandi Zhang  -  Ilya Vekhter  -  Rongying Jin  -  E. W. Plummer (LSU)
Jian Shen
(Fudan University/UTK)
Vidya Madhaven (Boston College)

A plethora of recent studies has demonstrated that creating surfaces, interfaces, ultra-thin films, wires, and artificial superstructures adds new dimensions to novel emergent phenomena of correlated electron materials (CEMs). This workshop will bring together the practitioners in surface and interface physics with people in materials science to discuss how to exploit advanced surface science techniques to study the emergent properties of CEMS in an environment with broken symmetry, reduced dimensionality and spatial confinement. The workshop will feature a series of invited talks with ample time for open discussion and a poster session, a total of 40-60 participants are expected.

Important Dates:

This ICAM-I2CAM Workshop will bring together both prominent & junior scientists. Participation of students & postdoctoral fellows is strongly encouraged and several fellowships will be awarded specifically to support travel of early-career scientists.

Workshop Flyer (PDF  →  Updated: Mon, 27-Sep-2010 9:54 AM)