Previous Students

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Name Dates Present Position
T. Gustaffson 1973-1988 Professor, Physics Dept., Rutgers University
W. Eberhardt 1978-1981 Director, BESSY II
H.-J. Freund 1979-1982 Director, Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin
I. McGovern 1978-1979 Dept. of Pure and Applied Physics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
G.B. Blanchet 1980-1982 Scientific Staff at DuPont, Fellow
F. Greuter 1980-1982 BBC, Brown Boveri, Baden, Switzerland
H.-F. Freund 1980-1983 Director, Physical Chem., Fritz-Haber Institute
W. Ford 1983-1984 Intel, Oregon
E. Jensen 1982-1985 Professor of Physics, Brandeis
R. Reininger 1985-1986 Staff Scient. SRC/University of Wisconsin
D. Heskett 1986-1988 Professor, University of Rhode Island
X. Pan 1987-1989 IBM, Almaden, California
P. Bruhweiler 1988-1991 Upsala Sweden
C. Ying 1990-1993 Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces
G. Ho 1990-1992 SRRC in Taiwan
H. Dürr 1991-1993 Julich, Germany
H.H. Weitering 1990-1993 Associate Professor, The University of Tennessee
S. Chandavakar 1993-1995 Canada
M. Okada 1993-1995 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Osaka University
P. Hofmann 1995-1997 Associate Professor of Physics, Aarhus, Denmark
J. Zhang 1994-1997 Associate Professor, Florida International University
L. Pai 1997-1999 Staff member CMP Institute in Taiwan
Rene Matzdorf 1998-2000 Professor, Universität Kassel, Germany
J. Braun 1998-1999 Seimens in Munich, Germany
Ismail 1999-2002 Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
J.-D. Guo 2001-  
J.-X. Ma 2001-2002 ORNL Condensed Matter Sciences Division
Minghu Pan 2004-2005 ORNL, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Hong Liu 2005-2007  
Von Braun Nicemento 2006-2008 Research Assistant Professor, UT Knoxville