Previous Students

Students: Graduated

Name, Department, and Co-Advisor Thesis Title Present Position
S. Weeks (1977) Angle Resolved Photoemission Study of Chalcogen Ordered Overlayers Standard Oil Company
Research Center, Cleveland
C.L. Allyn (1978)
(Physics, Gustaffson)
A Study of the Interactions of Adsorbed Carbon Monoxide with Surfaces of Nickel and Copper Using Angle Resolved Photoemission and Synchrotron Radiation AT&T, Whippany, N.J.
Advanced Micro-electronics Applications Group Supervisor
Wilson Ho (1979) Low Energy Electron Vibrational Excitation of Molecules Adsorbed on Surfaces: Experiment and Theory

Donald Bren Professor
Physics, Astronomy & Chemistry
University of California, Irvine

S.-L. Weng (1978) Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Surface States and Surface Resonances on the (100) Face of Group VIB Transitions Medals Varian Assoc.
C.D. Ehrlich (1979) Experimental Investigation of the Absolute Tunneling Current Density in Field Emission from Tungsten (110) NIST, Pulsed Power Scis. Direct.
G. Loubriel (1979)
(Physics, Schrieffer)
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Bonding of Simple Ligands to Metal Complexes as Reflected in their Photoelectron Spectra Sandia National Laboratory
Albuquerque, NM
H. Levinson (1980)
(with Gustafsson)
Resonances and Collective Effects in Photoemission Manager, Strategic Lithography Technology and AMD Fellow, AMD
Sunnyvale, CA
M. Albert (1983)
(Chemistry, Sneddon)
The Interaction of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons with Multimetal Sites in Transition Metal Complexes and on Surfaces Johanson Matthey, Pa.
B. Tonner (1982) Experimental Studies in Chemisorption and Physisorption with Synchrotron Radiation Excited Photoemission Professor of Physics, Department Head
University of Central Florida, Orlando
N.J. DiNardo (1982) Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Study of Hydrogen Chemisorption on Metal Surfaces: Surface Sites and Scattering Selection Rules Professor of Physics
Drexel University
R.A. DiDio (1983)
(MS&E, Graham)
An Ultraviolet Photoemission Study of the Bonding and Electronic Structure of Ordered Sulfur Overlayers on Iron Single Crystal Surfaces Professor of Mathematics
La Salle University
P.Y. Zhou (1983)
(MS&E, McMahon)
Surface Segregation and Surface Structural Transition in Fe-Sn and Fe-Sn Alloys Applied Digital Solutions
Palm Beach, FL
Chief Scientist, Digital Angel Technology
D.R. Heskett (1985) Photoemission Investigations of the Bonding and Interactions of Simple Molecules on Metal Surfaces Professor of Physics
University of Rhode Island
C.T. Chen (1985) De-Excitation Electron Spectroscopy and Ion Fragmentation Following Soft X-Ray Absorption Director, NSRRC
R.A. Bartynski (1986)
(with Gustafsson)
Photoemission and Inverse Photoemission Investigations of the Electronic States of Metal Surfaces Professor of Physics
Rutgers University
R. Hsiao (1986)
(with McMahon)
A Multi-Technique Study of Sn Segregation on Fe (100), (10), and (111) Surfaces and in Fe, 1.3 Atom % Sn IBM-Endicott
A.P. Baddorf (1987)
Structural and Vibrational Responses of a Metal Surface to Chemisorption of Light Adatoms: Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen on Copper (110) Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
R.H. Gaylord (1987)
(MS&E, Graham)
Chemisorption of Carbon Monoxide on the (110) Surface of the Ordered Alloy Nickel Aluminum IBM
Burlington, NH
In-Whan Lyo (1988)
A Study on Na(110) and Other Free Electron Metals using Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Professor Yonsei University
J.M. Mundenar (1988)
(Chemistry, Sneddon)
Adsorption Studies on Single-Crystal Nickel Aluminum Alloy and Related Surfaces Senior Manager Segate
S.-C. Lui (1988)
(MS&E, Graham)
Electronic and Vibrational Properties of NiAl Allied Signal, NJ
J. Song (1989)
Second Harmonic Generation from Thin Alkali Metal Films Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Taiwan
K.-D. Tsuei (1990) Surface Plasmon Dispersion on Simple and Noble Metals NSRRC, Taiwan
T. Maeda (1990)
(MS&E with DiNardo )
Metallization of Semiconductor Surfaces NIST, Science Policy and Education
B. Blum (1991) Bi Induced Restructuring of Cu(100) Argentina
G. Watson (1991) The Dynamical Properties of Li Surfaces and Thin Films Assistant Professor
University of Maryland, Baltimore
B. Itchkawitz (1991) The Electronic and Atomic Structure of the K(110) Surface Law School, University of Virginia
L. Urbach (1992) Second Harmonic Generation from Ag: Surface States and Interband Transitions Maine
P. Sprunger (1993) The Interaction of Hydrogen with Simple and Noble Metal Surfaces Professor of Physics, LSU
J. Hannon (1994) Structure and Dynamics of Be Surfaces IBM Watson Laboratory
R. Huang (1995)
(with R. Compton)
Low Energy Photon and Low Energy Electron Interaction with C60 Postdoc, Ames
G. Lee (1995) Collective Excitations and Chemical Modification of Silver Surfaces Professor of Physics, Inha Univ. Inchon, Korea
J. Carpinelli (1997) Charge-Ordering Transition in Ultrathin Metal Films Sarnoff Lab, NJ
A. Hanbicki (1997) The Interaction of Hydrogen with Alloy Surfaces NRL Staff Member
K. Pohl (1997) The Surfaces of Beryllium and Their Interaction with Hydrogen Professor
University of New Hampshire
C. Walters (1997) The Interaction of Hydrogen with the Cu(100) Surface Novellus Systems, Inc.
Tualatin, Oregon
Bong-Ok Kim (1999) Surface Collective Excitations in Reduced Dimensionality Hong-Ik Univ., Seoul, Korea and Gracel Display Inc.
Ismail (1999) The Structure and Dynamics of Magnesium Surfaces Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
H. Dulli (2000) Surface Phases of Transition Metal Oxides Mass. University
A. Melechko (2001) Role of Defects in Two-Dimensional Phase Transitions Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering, NC State University
S.-J. Tang (2002) (with P. Sprunger) The Role of Surface States in Electron-Phonon Coupling on the Open Surfaces of Simple Metals Professor at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan
John Pierce (2003) (with J. Shen) Tailored Magnetic Nanostructures on Surfaces Out of science
Maria Torija (2005) (with J. Shen) The Role of Novel Magnetic Interactions in Surface-Supported Magnetic Nanostructures Staff at University of Minnesota
Dane Gillaspie (2005) (with J. Shen) Magnetism and Transport Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Thin Films and Nanoparticles NREL
Rob Moore (2006) Manifestations of Broken Symmetry: The
Surface Phases of Ca2-xSrxRuO4
Staff at Stanford University, SLAC
Junshoo Shin (2007) (with A. Baddorf) Structure and Transport Properties of Epitaxial Oxide Thin Films: from synthesis to characterization Private sector
Zac Ward, (2007) Emergent Phenomena in Spatially Confined Manganites Staff Scientist at ORNL
Noppi Widjaja (2008) Collective Behavior of Interacting Magnetic Nanoparticles Teaching at Wayne State University
Te-Yu Chien, (2009) Anisotropic Electron-Phonon Coupling on a Two-Dimensional Isotropic Fermi Contour: Γ Surface State of Be(0001) Assistant Professor
University of Wyoming
Kenji Fuchigami, (2009) Atomically Resolved STM Studies of the Perovskite Manganite Thin-Film Surfaces IHI Co. Ltd. Japan
Biao Hu, (2011) Evolution of Structural and Physics Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Sr3(Ru1-xMnx)2O7 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.7) with Mn Concentration Segate
Guorong Li, (2013) Coupling between spin, Lattice, and Charge at the surfae of complex transition metal compounds Segate
Zhaoliang Liao, (2013)

The effects of Spatial Confinement and Oxygen Stiochiometry on Complex Metal Oxides 

Chen Chen, (2016)

Structure and Dynamics of Layered Transition Metal Compounds Driven by Broken Symmetry

Fangyang Liu, (2016)

Surface Strucure/Property Relationship for Surface of Magnetite.

Lina Chen, (2016)

Microscopic Study of Structure, Chemical Composition and Local conductivity of LSMO Films.

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