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Jiandi Zhang

Professor of Physics

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Louisiana State University
229-A, Nicholson Hall

Baton Rouge, La 70803

Phone: (225) 578-4103

Fax: (225) 578-5855



Research Interest


Selected Publications




Dr. Zhang received B.S. and M.S. degrees in physics from the Nanjing University of Science and Technology  in 1982 and the Chinese Academy of Science in 1986, respectively. He was on the faculty of Shanghai Jiao Tong University between 1986 and 1989. He received his Ph.D. in physics from Syracuse University in 1994, spent 3 years as a postdoctal fellow at Oak Ridge National laboratory/the University of Tennessee  prior to joining the Florida International University as a faculty member in 1998. Starting from 2009, he became a full professor in physics at Louisiana State University.

Research Interest: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics 

One grand challenge in condensed matter physics and materials science is to understand the remarkable properties emerging from complex correlations of atomic and electronic constituents, and to control these properties for technological applications. The complexity in many novel materials is directly responsible for their tenability and consequently their practical functionality. In many cases, Creating surfaces, interfaces, ultra-thin films, and artificial superstructures add the additional twist of “man-made” dimensions, approaching the quantum phenomena of correlated electrons with broken symmetry and reduced dimensionality.

My main research interest is in exploring novel properties of complex materials like transition-metal oxides by the effects of broken symmetry, reduced dimensionality and spatial confinement, and by controlling lattice strain and chemical composition. The research include growing artificially structured configurations of complex materials like transition-metal oxides with atomic scale precision and in-situ comprehensive characterization on lattice structure, chemical composition, electronic and magnetic properties.


*       NSF CAREER Award-----2004

*       FIU  Excellence in Research Award ---2003

*       FIU Art & Science Summer Research Award --- 2003

*       Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Sigma Xi Society --- 1994

Major Off-Campus Collaboration

*       Correlated Electron Materials Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

*       Correlated Electron Research Center, Japan

*       Neutron Scattering Group, Department of Physics, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

*       Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

*       Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science


Selected Publications

*       Anomalously Large Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in a Perovskite Manganite (with R.-W. Li, H. Wang, X. Wang, X.Z. Yu, Y. Matsui, Z.-H Cheng, B.-G. Shen, E.W. Plummer), PNAS, 106, 14224-14229 (2009)

*       Surface Geometric and Electronic Structures of BaFe2As2(001) (with V. B. Nascimento, A. Li, D. R. Jayasundara, Y. Xuan, J. O'Neal, S. Pan, T. Y. Chien, B. Hu, X. B. He, G. Li, A. S. Sefat, M. A. McGuire, B. C. Sales, D. Mandrus, M. H. Pan, R. Jin, and E. W. Plummer), Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 076104 (2009)

*       Manifestations of Broken Symmetry: The Surface Phases of Ca2-xSrxRuO4 (with R. Moore,V. B. Nascimento, J. Rundgren, R. Jin, D. Mandrus, and E. W. Plummer), Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 066102 (2008)

*       A Surface-Tailored, Purely Electronic, Mott Metal-to-Insulator Transition (with R. Moore, V. B. Nascimento, R. Jin, Jiandong Guo, G.T. Wang, Z. Fang, D. Mandrus, and E.W. Plummer), Science 318, 615 (2007)

*       Magnons in Ferromagentci Metallic Manganites (with F. Ye, Hao Sha, Pengcheng Dai, J.A. Fernandez-Beca, and E.W. Plummer), J. Phys. Condens. Matter 19, 315204 (2007)

*       Dopant-Induced Nanoscale Electronic Inhomogeneities in Ca2-xSrxRuO4 (with Ismail, R. G. Moore, S.-C. Wang, H. Ding, R. Jin, D. Mandrus, and E.W. Plummer), Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 066401 (2006)

*       Evolution of Spin-Wave Excitations in Ferromagnetic Metallic Manganites, (with F. Ye, P. Dai, J.A. Fernandez-Baca, J.W. Lynn, H. Kawano-Furukawa, Y. Tomioka, and Y. Tokura), Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 047204 (2006)

*       ARPES study of the Electronic Structure Evolution in Ca2-xSrxRuO4 (with S.-C. Wang, H. –B. Yang, A. Sekharan, H. Ding, C.X. Lu, Rongying Jin, D.G. Mandrus, and E.W. Plummer), Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 177007 (2004)

*       Nanoscale Polarization Manipulation and Conductance Switching in Ultra Thin Films of a Ferroelectric Copolymer (with Hongwei Qu, T. Garcia, W. Yao, S. Ducharme, P. A. Dowben, A. V. Sorokin, and V. M. Fridkin),  Appl. Phys. Lett., 82, 4322 (2003)

*       Surfaces: A Playground for Physics with Broken Symmetry in Reduced Dimensionality (with E. W. Plummer, R. Matzdorf, A. V. Melechko, J. Pierce, Surf. Sci. 500, 1-27 (2002)

*       Jahn-Teller Phonon Anomaly and Dynamic Phase Fluctuations in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 (with P. Dai, J.A. Fernadez-Baca, E.W. Plummer, Y. Tomioka, and Y. Tokura), Phy. Rev. Lett. 86, 3823 (2001)

*       The Next Twenty Five Years of Surface Physics (with E. W. Plummer, Ismail, R. Matzdorf, and A. V. Melechko),  Progress in Surface Science 67, 17 (2001)

*       Ferromagnetism Stabilizedby Lattice Distortion at the Surface of the p-wave Superconductor:Sr2RuO4 (with R. Matzdorf, Z. Fang, Ismail, T. Kimura, Y. Tokura, K. Terakura, and E.W. Plummer), Science 289,746 (2000)

*       How Defects Rule the Condensation of a Charge Density Wave: An atomic View (with H. H. Weitering, J. M. Carpinelli, A. V. Melechko, M. Bartkowiak, and E. W. Plummer), Science 285, 2107 (1999)

*       Experimental Evidence for the Dynamic Jahn-Teller Effect in La0.65Ca0.35MnO3 (with P. Dai, H. A. Mook, S. -H. Liou, P. A. Dowben, and E. W. Plummer), Phys. Rev. B 54, R3694 (1996)

Selected Talks and Lectures

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