FALL 2018

CLASS: 01:30PM–02:30PM MWF, Nicholson 435 (TABLE SIDE)
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Prof. Jonathan P. Dowling
Office Hours: 02:30PM-3:00PM MWF

Required Book:
Introductory Quantum Optics
Christopher Gerry & Peter Knight

Recommended Books:

The Age of Entanglement — When Quantum Physics Was Reborn

Louisa Gilder

Quantum Optics

Marlan O. Scully and M. Suhail Zubairy

Exploring the Quantum: Atoms, Cavities, and Photons
  Serge Haroche & Jean-Michel Raimond

Schrödinger's Killer App — Race to Build the World's First Quantum Computer
Jonathan P. Dowling

Schrödinger's Web — Race to Build the Quantum Internet
Jonathan P. Dowling

The Quantum Internet — Towards the Singularity
Peter P. Rohde, ..., Jonathan P. Dowling, ..., and William J. Munro

NRL Plasma Formulary

Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics: Review

100% Homework


Field quantization
Coherent states
Emission and absorption of radiation by atoms
Quantum coherence functions
Beam splitters and interferometers
Nonclassical light
Dissipative interactions and decoherence
Optical test of quantum mechanics
Experiments in cavity QED and with trapped ions
Applications of entanglement: Heisenberg-limited interferometry and quantum internet

HOMEWORK            ASSIGNED           DUE                                   SOLUTIONS                     HINTS
HW01                           20 AUG 18             07 SEP 18
HW02                           MON 17 SEP         FRI  28 SEP               
HW03                           MON 08 OCT         FRI  19 OCT                       
HW04                           FRI 19 OCT            FRI 02 NOV                                                         
       3.11, 3.14
HW05                          FRI 02 NOV            FRI 16 NOV
HW06                          FRI 16 NOV            FRI 07 DEC                                


1.1–2.4        Introduction / E&M Field Quantization (The Photon: Lewis26)

2.5                Thermal Fields
2.6a              Notes on Geometric Series & Vacuum Fluctuations: The Lamb Shift
2.6b              Vacuum Flucuations: The Casimir Effect (Mathematics, Milonni92, Dowling89, Casimir48)
2.7                The Quantum Phase

3.1               Coherent States as Minimum Uncertainty States (MUS) of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator (SHO)
3.2                Displacement Operator for Coherent States
3.3                Time Evolution of Coherent States
3.4                Classical Currents Generate Quantum Coherent Photon States
3.5                More Fun With Coherent States
3.6                Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Interference in Phase Space (Schleich01, Dowling91)
3.7                Phase-Space Probability Distributions
3.8                Characteristic Functions for PSPDs (Plots of Various Q and W Functions [PDF, PPT].)

4.1                Atom Field Interactions
4.2                Semiclassical: Quantum Atom & Weak Classical Field (Fermi's Golden Rule)
4.3                Quantum Atom & Weak Quantized Field (Einstein Rate Equations)
4.4                Semiclassical: Quantum Atom & Strong Classical Field (Rabi Oscillations)
4.5                Quantum Atom & Strong Quantized Field (Jaynes-Cummings Model)
4.6                Dressed Atom-Field States

5.1                Classical Optical Coherence Theory
5.2                Quantum Optical Coherence Theory
5.4                Higher-Order Coherence Functions

6.2                 Quantum Beam Splitter Theory
6.3                 Quantum Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Theory
6.4                 Interaction-Free Measurement
6.5                 Coherent-State Interferometry and the Shot-Noise Limit
6.6                 Fabry-Perot Interferometer (Wikipedia, Loudon04, Ley87)

7.1                 Quadrature Squeezing

"Quantum Noise in LIGO Lasers" [PDF, PPT]
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MON 20 AUG        First Day Class
MON 03 SEP          Labor Day Holiday
FRI 05 OCT            Fall Holiday
WED 21 NOV        Thanksgiving Holiday

FRI 23 NOV           Thanksgiving Holiday
FRI 30 NOV            Last Day Class