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Teaching Interests: During the development of a graduate course in classical electrodynamics I became heavily involved in the use of computers in graduate education. I found that my students can use computer algebra software (Mathematica, Maple, etc.) to solve more realistic homework problems, visualize their answers, and reduce the algebraic tedium. The computer also allows me to distribute the related courseware, and provide more realistic classroom demonstrations in the various electronic classrooms on campus. I developed a complete set of courseware for Graduate Electrodynamics, and graduate Solid State Physics consisting of notes, homework assignments and solutions. I am npw teaching Advanced Solid State Physics. To some extent, I follow the recent monograph by Piers Coleman (click on his figure below for the course web page and links to relevant texts). This work is sponsored by the NSF.

Computational Methods in Many Body Physics

Solid State Physics

Graduate Electrodynamics

Advanced Solid State Physics

My Courseware Guide (a list of upper-level physics courseware)