Computational Many Body Methods

Mark Jarrell

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge LA 70803

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Below, you will find lecture notes, supplementary lectures, handouts, and links books and notes available on-line.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: The Equilibrium Green Function Method

Lecture Notes in pdf

Lecture 2: Dynamical Mean Field and Dynamical Cluster Approximation

Lecture notes in pdf

Lecture 3: Hirsh Fye and Continuous time Quantum Monte Carlo Methods

Lecture notes in pdf

Lecture 4: The Maximum Entropy Method for analytic continuation of QMC data

Lecture notes in pdf. See also codes, and our Physics Reports review.

Lecture 5: the non-equilibrium Green function method

Lecture Notes in pdf

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Acknowledgements: The development of this courseware was supported by the National Science foundation. I would like to thank J. Keller and H.R. Krishnamurthy for sharing their knowledge and course materials.

The first and last lecture were originally presented as a series of lecures on Green function methods for many-body physics presented at the Modeling Molecular and Nano-Electronics summer school August 16-20, 2004 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The lectures on Continuous Time Quantum Monte Carlo, the Maximum Entropy Method, and Dynamical Mean Field Theory and the Dynamical Cluster Approximation were delivered at the 2007 Universita degli Studi di Salerno Graduate School Lectures in Condensed Matter Physics. Some of these materials were prepared for the workshop Simulations of quantum many body systems.