Many Body Physics


Mark Jarrell

rm. 202 Coates Hall (T, Th 9:00-10:20)

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This page contains links for an advanced graduate course in  Many Body physics. The lectures will be held room 202 Coates Hall from 9:00-10:20 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays (see the LSU calendar for important dates). They will also be broadcast using polycom with recordings linked below. For a more complete description of the course, please see the course syllabus. This course is based on a book, available by request  on the web, by Piers Coleman (used with permission), but you will also find the references below to be useful, especially Mahan and the Dover books, AGD and Fetter and Walecka. Please address questions to me, but not to Piers. Part of the course will cover non-equilibrium (Keldysh) field theory. The notes for the final few weeks of the course, along with many useful references are linked here.

Please work with your classmates on the homework and assignments.  Here is the class list thus far.


The course will also be offered at several locations:


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Notes from this and previous years are available in different formats  here.

Class recordings


Tues 21 Jan 14:

Thurs 23 Jan 14:

Tues 4 Feb 14:

Thurs 6 Feb 14: 

Tues 11 Feb 14:

Thurs 13 Feb 14:

Tues 18 Feb 14:

Thurs 20 Feb 14:

Tues 25 Feb 14:

Thurs 6 Mar 14:

Tues 11 Mar 14 Part1: 

Tues 11 Mar 14 Part2: 

Thurs 13 Mar 14.

Tues 18 Mar 14.

Thurs 20 Mar 14. 

Tues 25 Mar 14. 

Thurs 27 Mar 14.

Tues 1 Apr 14.

Thurs 3 Apr 14.

Tues 8 Apr 14.

Thurs 10 Apr 14.

Homework and Grading:

The course will be graded on the homework projects and class participation. I strongly encourage you to work together on all assignments and only hand in one assignment from the group. The class presentations of the projects and homework should rotate between students (so that the same student is not always presenting, etc.).

Useful References (print):

Useful References (Web, please send me your finds):

Class Projects

The Eliashberg Equations (2002-2003).

This Eliashberg Code was developed by Roman Petrenko .

The Fluctuation Exchange Approximation (2003-2004).

This FLEX CODE, released under the GPL, was developed by Karlis Mikelsons, Thang Ba Hoang, Manori Jayasinghe, Venkateshwar Gangilinka, and Xuandong Zhoa. It is written in C++, to compile it you will need to link in the Numerical Recipes routine fourn.cpp.

The Eliashberg Equations (2004-2005).