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Dr. Zhang's group is dedicated to finding novel properties in low dimensional complex systems and is capable of characterizing both long and short lived states due to in-situ growth and characterization capabilities. Ongoing research projects include the phenomena occuring at surfaces and interfaces of transition metal oxides using scanning tunneling probes, electron scattering, and photoemission. Correlated electron materials are also invesitgated using neutron scattering. Our work is supported by the National Science Foundation and Department of Energy.


We are excited about our current development of an in-house Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect measurement apparatus. This project will allow us to measure the magnetic properties of our film surface and potentially probe surface-specific magnetic phases. We hope to extend this technique to a low-temperture applications to allow us to probe low-Tc materials. This project is being done in conjunction with Dr. Ward Plummer's optical lab.


We are sorry to say goodbye to our Research Assistant Professor Hangwen Guo, who has accepted a position as an Research Associate Professor at Fundan University in Shanghai, China.

Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Saghayezhian on his successful PhD defense.


Saghayezhian, Mohammad; Rezaei Sani, Seyed Mojtaba; Zhang, Jiandi; Plummer, E. W. “Rumpling and Enhanced Covalency at SrTiO3(001) Surface,” J. Phys. Chem. 123, 8086 (2019). .

Lina Chen, Zhen Wang, Gaomin Wang, Hangwen Guo, Mohammad Saghayezhian, Yimei Zhu, E.W. Plummer, and Jiandi Zhang, “Surface and Interface Properties of La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 Thin Films on SrTiO3 (001),” Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 044407 (2019). .

M. Saghayezhian, Summayya Kouser, Zhen Wang, Hangwen Guo, Rongying Jin, Jiandi Zhang, Yimei Zhu, Sokrates T. Pantelides and E. W. Plummer, “Atomic-scale determination of spontaneous magnetic reversal in oxide heterostructures,” PNAS, 116, 10309 (2019) .

  • Research

  • Metal Oxides are important for future applications, and our group excels at clean layer-by-layer growth of thin films of these mateirals. This allows us to probe interactions that others cannot.

  • Publications

  • Our group has been active and consistently publishing for the past 25 years.Our work can be found in Science, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, and Nature Scientific Reports.

  • Facilities

  • Our chamber is capable of both high qulaity film growth using a PLD system as well as tranfering films in-situ to characterization apparati, including STM, XPS, UPS, and LEED

  • People

  • A deverse group of post docs and graduate students make up our team and run experiments daily.