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Dynamical Barmode Neutron Star Oscillation Elliptical Flow Instability Mass-transfering Binary Donor Star Fluid
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Joel E. Tohline

  Director & Professor Emeritus
Center for Computation & Technology (CCT)
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Louisiana State University

formerly (prior to January 2014) …

FPS Chaired Professor in Computational Methods;
LSU Alumni Professor

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    A Fellow of the AAAS, Tohline has authored a hundred articles in scientific journals and proceedings on problems related to complex fluid flows in astrophysical systems. His expertise in utilizing high-performance computers to accurately simulate the processes by which stars form and to simulate catastrophic events that will give rise to bursts of gravitational radiation is recognized worldwide. Fifteen students have completed their doctoral dissertation research under his direction and he has been a lead investigator on grants that have brought over nine million dollars in federal and state funding to LSU. Tohline earned a B.S. in Physics from ... [more]
    In an effort to better understand how dynamically evolving, compact astrophysical systems can generate a detectable flux of gravitational radiation, we are developing the capability to simulate fully relativistic fluid flows on a self-consistently evolving, warped spacetime metric using massively parallel computers in a Grid Computing environment. Our visualization tools are being extended to ... [more]

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