Story of the Royal Enfield I recently bought, as told by the seller, Danny Rodgers, in its ebay listing:

Here is the story, I purchased these late last year on e-bay and here was the description. "These bikes were imported in 1999 and have been in storage since ... the bike has 40 kilometers on it......I also have spare turn signals, cables, air filters, the bench seats.. a box of extra stuff ... one bike has a broken tail light lense, so that needs replaced... A great opportunity to buy two brand new CLASSICS at a great price .. "

Well, they are not brand new and have a few problems.

This is what I understand of the history. A stewardess is overseas and after too many margaritas goes out and purchases two Enfields. After over 10 grand in expenses and waiting about 2 years for delivery the bikes finally arrived in the states and she was so disgusted with her stupidity that she wanted nothing to do with them. A boyfrield adds his assistance of "taking them off her hands" and sells them on e-bay to an idiot. (That idiot happens to be me) Take it from me, don't drink and bid. Anyway...

The good: The bike is pretty solid. It really only has 40 Kilimoters. (24 Miles) The engine turns over and is complete. From what I can see, most major systems function except the electrical. (See the UGLY below) Rubber, breaks, clutch all are fine. One major thing I did was get them titled in the States which was no easy feat. I have the double seat as well

The Bad: The bike has not been running for a few years. One major problem is that the bike is a 6 Volt and some idiot other than myself attempted to charge the system with a 12 volt charger and fried the regulator. So, the regulator would need to be replaced or I would highly encourage the buyer to convert to a 12 volt since we live in a 12 volt world. I do however have a brand new $90 6 volt battery that will go with the bike.

The Ugly: A bit cosmetically challenged but I am sure will clean up quite nicely.

I have tinkered with them for a few months and ran out of time and interest. I have a 500 Bullet and totally love it. It turns heads everywhere I go. I love these because they have the vintage look with modern technology

I will take a bath on this deal. I purchased the pair of bikes for about $4150 paid a few hundred bucks at the local shop to clean them up about $90 on the new battery, $250 on getting a US title and I almost forgot about $400 in shipping charges.