Pictures showing Jorge Pullin and some of his interests

  • With my Royal Enfield motorcycle after I "restored" it (before is here) . In spite of its 1955 appearence, it is a model 2000, manufactured in Madras, India, and I bought it wrecked on ebay in 2004. And I'm not an amateur. I have a diploma in motorcycle mechanics from a correspondence school (!). I also have a diploma in radio and TV repair (black and white and color!!). If you ever wondered why do people fall in love with antique British motorcycles read this. I also owned for a while a more modern bike. And I have recently acquired another beat up Royal Enfield with and interesting story, for a project I will post more details on in the future. I have also recently acquired a 2009 Royal Enfield C5 and a 1957 Indian Trailblazer made by Royal Enfield. Finally, I am a notorious motorcycle blogger.
  • Running the Delaware Marathon in Wilmington, DE. I have run 50 marathons, one in each state of the USA (n.b. a marathon is a 26.2 mile (42km) race) since I started in February 2005 with the New Orleans Marathon. My best time up to now is 5:36 in the Run4troops in Iowa. You can see the list of marathons I've run here. Some people may debate if with such horribly slow times I'm actually running at all, but hey, I only finished last once (Patriot's run). My goal was to do 50 marathons in the 50 US states, which I accomplished in March 2016. Now that I'm done with that? We'll see..
  • Rose grower? Even more inappropriate a term than runner, given my dismal record. You see, in Louisiana everything grows gigantically, except whatever I plant. By sheer insistence, plating several new roses every year, I've finally got a couple that more or less look reasonable...