Richard Haymaker
Professor of Physics

Ph.D., 1967, University of California, Berkeley


Department of Physics and Astronomy
202 Nicholson Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4001

Office:230-A Nicholson Hall
Phone:(504) 388-8471
FAX:(504) 388-5855

Present Research Interests
Our research is in theoretical high energy physics. Our interests lean toward dynamical questions such as the structure and interactions of strongly interacting particles, symmetry breaking and phase transitions in gauge theories. One topic of interest is dynamical chiral symmetry breaking. That is to understand the essential physics governing the way QCD realizes broken chiral symmetry. Although lattice gauge theory simulations demonstrate conclusively that this symmetry is broken by the vacuum, it is the continuum Schwinger-Dyson equations which suggest a simple underlying principle that is responsible. We would like to find appropriate operators in lattice gauge theory to investigate the underlying mechanism. A second major topic is confinement in non-Abelian gauge theories. We have mapped out the flux distributions surrounding a quark antiquark pair using lattice simulations. We determined the profile of the energy and action distributions. We were the first to see a dual Abrikosov vortex between a quark and an antiquark on the lattice. We calculated the curl of the monopole current and the electric field, and determined the dual Ginzburg-Landau coherence length and the dual London penetration depth in SU (2) gauge theory. We found that the dual superconductor is on the borderline between type I and type II.

Selected Publications

Richard W. Haymaker, Vandana Singh, Yingcai Peng and Jacek Wosiek, "Distribution of the color fields around static quarks: Flux tube profiles," Phys. Rev. D 53:389-403 (1996).

V. Singh, D.A. Browne, and R.W. Haymaker, "Structure of Abrikosov vortices in SU (2) lattice gauge theory," Phys. Lett. B 306:115-19 (1993).

Vandana Singh, Dana A. Browne, and Richard W. Haymaker, "London relation and fluxoid quantization for monopole currents in U(1) lattice gauge theory," Phys. Rev. D 47:1715-18 (1993).

Richard W. Haymaker, "Variational Methods for Composite Operators," Reviste Del Nuovo Cimento 8, 1(1991).

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