Astronomy 1102-1
Fall 1999

Hi there, this is the -th access to these Course Materials

From now on all course documents (unless it proves impossible) will be in Portable Document Format (with the pdf file extension). Most versions of internet browsers (all those available on the LSU campus/library computers) will have Acrobat Reader (which can read pdf files) installed.


Syllabus (PDF, 57 kb), PDF files require Acrobat Reader

Homework Currently Due or overdue

Portable Document Format - PDF (need Acrobat Reader plugin):

HW1, due 9/8 , HW2, due 9/13 , HW3, due 9/27 , HW4, due 10/11

HW5, due 10/29 , HW6, due 11/10

HW7, due 12/1 NEW!

Homework Answers

Solutions for HW 1, Solutions for HW 2, Solutions for HW 3, Solutions for HW 4

Solutions for HW 5, Solutions for HW 6

Solutions for HW 7 NEW!

Test Guides

Test 1 Guide, Test 2 Guide

Test Guide for the Final Comprehensive Exam NEW!

Answers to Previous Tests NEW!

First Test , Fig. for Prob. 4

Second Test , Fig. for Prob. 4

Third Test , Cluster HR Diagrams for Prob. 2 , HR Diagram for Probs. 3 & 4

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