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Valtech Acquires U.S.-Based Expede, Extends Global Leadership
In Advanced Technology Consulting
Valtech's European-leading consulting capabilities are strengthened by the
acquisition of Expede's project delivery expertise
Paris, France – (February 23, 1999) – Valtech SA, Europe's leading provider of advanced technology consulting, today announced the acquisition of U.S.-based Expede, Inc., an advanced technology services company specialized in distributed systems development. The former Expede facilities in Dallas, Texas will serve as the main office for Valtech's operations in North America. Expede, Inc. will change its name to Valtech, Inc. and the founders of Expede will assume executive positions for Valtech.

Valtech's acquisition of Expede strengthens its project delivery capabilities, complementing Valtech's industry-leading consulting practice. The acquisition creates a company with unmatched global capabilities in the continuum of enterprise planning, project delivery, and skills transfer. The combined Valtech and Expede executive teams provide multi-cultural leadership ideally suited to meet the needs of international clientele interested in the strategic benefits of advanced technologies.

According to Jean-Yves Hardy, President of Valtech, “Expede has a proven project delivery process and a staff with extensive advanced technology experience. The combination of their market position, technical assets, plus the dynamics and experience of their team made this merger an obvious decision.”

Expede's rapid growth will accelerate the expansion of Valtech in the North American marketplace. The founders of Expede, Inc. will assume executive positions for Valtech. Frank Rodorigo, president of Expede, Inc., becomes the Managing Director of Valtech North American. Chris Thomas is transitioning into the position of CIO for Valtech. Chris Tarr will assume the position of Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

“When we founded Expede we did so with a mission to build the best advanced technology services organization possible. Valtech accelerates our mission and provides our team the resources needed to achieve our aggressive objectives,” underlines Frank Rodorigo, President of Expede. “Valtech's advanced technology focus, their European position, and their staff are completely complementary with ours. Unlike most acquisitions, there is nothing lost in this merger.”

About Expede

Expede ( is an advanced technology services company specialized in distributed systems development. Expede's staff of technology experts provide advanced technology services for companies migrating to new enterprise architectures. These services focus on the creation of reactive software architectures, achieving repeatable project success, and building a company's internal skills to enable long-term self-sufficiency.

Since early 1998 Expede has been the exclusive provider of Valtech training in most of the United States.

About Valtech

Founded in 1993, Valtech ( is Europe's leading provider of advanced technology consulting. Valtech provides advanced technology consulting to many of Europe's top companies, including British Telecom, France telecom, Nortel Matra Cellular, Swiss PTT, Alcatel, Bank of America, Barclays, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Renault, and Peugeot/Citroen.

Valtech's services include enterprise IT consulting, project consulting, and training. Enterprise consulting is focused on the evolution of corporate information systems using advanced technology architectures. Project consulting services include complete lifecycle support for project development. Valtech's training services focus on technology transfer, giving customers the skills to manage the evolution of their IT infrastructure. In 1998, Valtech trained more than 5000 IT professional worldwide.