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Title/Topic:Academic Honorifics
Effective Date:05/28/2001
Revision Number: PS007.R04
Category: Policy Statements

Academic Honorifics: Chairs, Professorships, Lectureships & Awards


To describe honorifics by which faculty and others may be recognized for academic abilities or accomplishments. Academic honorifics include chairs, professorships, lectureships and awards.


Additional Compensation. Compensation above the employee's base salary paid by LSU from any source. Additional compensation is earned for performing specific duties/services in addition to previously assigned duties.

Award. Usually a one-time cash amount, but sometimes merchandise or a permanent increase in base salary given to employees selected in accordance with previously defined criteria and procedures. Note: Except for the fact that graduate assistants are eligible for two of the awards described in Appendix 2, this policy is not applicable to student awards.

Base Salary. Permanent, ongoing compensation paid to a faculty member for services rendered over a 12-month period for faculty employed on fiscal pay basis, or over a 9-month period for faculty employed on academic pay basis.

Chair. A faculty position typically supported by an endowment of at least $1 million or by a similar level of annual University funding. Monetary considerations associated with chairs may include salary support for the holder or funds to be spent on activities supporting the chair. Note: References to chairs in this policy pertain to honorifics termed "chair" unless the term used is "department chair/head" in which case it refers to the administrative leader of an academic department, or is being used in reference to the head of a committee.

Designated Honorific. A chair, professorship, lectureship or award supported from University funds or from annual gifts for these purposes and, under terms set by the LSU Board of Supervisors, where there is no endowed support.

Endowed Honorific. A chair, professorship, lectureship or award supported by income from an endowment fund.

Faculty. As defined by the By-Laws and Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors, individuals appointed full-time at the rank of instructor and above, including those holding joint appointments with other campuses.

Full-time. 100% effort constitutes full-time; any appointment less than 100% effort is considered part-time for the purposes of this policy statement.

Honorific. Chairs, professorships, lectureships and awards may be referred to generically in this policy as "honorifics."

Lectureship. An invitation carrying a substantial honorarium for a scholar of note to publicly deliver one or more lectures.

Professorship. A faculty position, typically supported by an endowment corpus between $100,000 and $1 million (or a similar level of annual University funding). Monetary considerations associated with professorships may include salary support for the holder, or funds to be spent on activities supporting the professorship.

Recognized Support Organization. An alumni organization recognized by the LSU Board of Supervisors, or a foundation or entity organized by the alumni or other individuals supportive of LSU, the charter of which specifically provides that the purpose of the foundation or entity is to aid LSU in a philanthropic manner.

Salary Supplement. A payment beyond salary, made by a Recognized Support Organization to an LSU employee, for which the University is not obligated beyond the period specified and that is not made in consideration for services rendered, but rather as an incentive to encourage the employee to remain at the University, or as a recognition of past services to the University.

Summer Salary. Salary paid between two academic years to a faculty member appointed on a regular academic year (9-month) basis.

Support Fund. Funds used for expenditures supportive of an honorific, such as travel, equipment, and salaries for assistants.


LSU Alumni Professors

The Alumni Professorship is an honorific title awarded in recognition of a tenured full professor who has a reputation for excellence in instruction.

Request for Nominations. The call for nominations is issued by the Office of Academic Affairs, after notification from the LSU Alumni Association or the LSU Foundation that funds are available for an Alumni Professorship.

Eligibility. The nominations shall be limited to tenured faculty at the rank of full professor whose teaching load is normative for his/her rank and discipline. Boyd Professors shall not be eligible for consideration. Foundation Professors and occupants of named chairs or professorships may be nominated for consideration for Alumni Professorships with the understanding that the chair or professorship must be forfeited if the Alumni Professorship is accepted.

Criteria. An individual nominated for an Alumni Professorship shall possess the following attributes:

1. a reputation for excellence in instruction, especially in undergraduate teaching;

2. a record of active and continuing interest and participation in areas of professor/student relations;

3. dedication to his/her academic field; and

4. outstanding professional relationships with other faculty and staff members.

Nomination Procedures. Nominations may be initiated by individual faculty members, department chair/heads, deans, or directors. All nominations must be channeled through the nominee's department chair/head. The department chair/head will forward to the dean or director all nominations of faculty members from the department, with comments pertaining to the nominations. Deans/Directors will review the nominations, provide comments and forward them to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Selection Procedures. Nominations will be reviewed by a special committee appointed by the Chair of the Division of Instructional Support and Development Advisory Council. The Committee's recommendations shall be submitted to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, who will review the nominations with the Executive Committee of the LSU Alumni Association or LSU Foundation prior to submission of recommendations to the Chancellor, the President and the LSU Board of Supervisors. Final appointment of an individual to an Alumni Professorship shall be made by the Board of Supervisors.

Monetary Consideration. Faculty named to Alumni Professorships receive a base salary increase of $5,000 and a $2,500 per year academic support fund.*

Term. Appointment as an Alumni Professor is ongoing unless the holder chooses to accept another named professorship or chair. An Alumni Professor who accepts another named professorship or chair automatically forfeits the Alumni Professorship and the associated academic support fund.



Distinguished Research Master Awards (2)

1. Distinguished Research Master of Engineering, Science or Technology
2. Distinguished Research Master of Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences

Each award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in research and scholarship by LSU faculty. Each award consists of a $1,500 base salary increase, the University Medal and a certificate designating the recipient as a Distinguished Research Master.*

Request for Nominations. Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Eligibility. Any full-time faculty member who has not previously received the award.

Criteria. The nominee must have a sustained public scholarly and/or research record. A substantial portion of the nominee's scholarly and/or research record must have been compiled while at Louisiana State University and A&M College. The nominee's research must have made a significant impact on the scholarly community in the nominee's field.

Nomination Procedure. Letters of nomination may come from any faculty member but must be submitted for endorsement through the appropriate department chair/unit head (who may also initiate a nomination) and the appropriate dean/director to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies.

Selection Procedure. Nominations are reviewed and selection made by the University Council on Research.

*Represents level of funding at the time of this revision and is subject to change by action of the provider/group providing the funds.

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