Project for ASTR7741

Fall Semester, 2007

Supernova Blastwaves and the Formation of Dust

Objective: Examine some simple models of how a supernova blastwave interacts with the interstellar medium (or circumstellar envelope) in which it is immersed to determine whether there is a characteristic time following the explosion during which conditions (e.g., densities and temperatures) are conducive to the formation of dust.

It looks like the following two talks from a recent conference at UCSB's Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics will provide particularly useful background information.

KITP Conference: Supernova and Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants ... (see the Wednesday morning session)

Both of these talks refer to a key 1982 paper by Chevalier; I presume they are referring to the following:
Another relevant paper may be ...