Assignment #7
Creating your own Classes and storing them in a "package" for use by other programers.

In today's laboratory session (11/05/98):
  • Create a directory directly under your "userid" directory that is named "Tools" such that when I type the command ...

    ls /wwwdb/htdocs/phys2411/userid

    I will see "Tools" as one of your directories. Make sure you assign permissions such that this directory can be read and executed by everybody.

  • Write a simple "standalone" java class, such as my "SphericalStar" class, adding a line at the top of the java program that states:

    package Tools;

  • Compile your newly created java program using the standard "javac" command.

  • Once you have successfully compiled your java program, move its ".class" java byte code into your "Tools" directory and change permissions on the file so that everyone can read and execute the program.

  • Write a java applet that uses your newly created java Class. See, for example, my "" program that utilizes the SphericalStar Class.

  • Finally, compile this program in such a way that the java compiler looks inside your "Tools" directory for your newly created ".class" file. To do this, you must type in the following command in place of "javac"....

    javac -classpath .:/wwwdb/htdocs/phys2411/userid:/opt/sunos.local/java/lib/