Assignment #6
Due: Today! [October 22, 1998]
Constructing a bit-mapped image.

In today's laboratory session (10/22/98):
  • Copy the following java program and html file from my directory then compile and execute it so that it produces the square image shown below.

    /wwwdb/htdocs/faculty/tohline/PHYS2411/q3.dir/makeImage/ /wwwdb/htdocs/faculty/tohline/PHYS2411/q3.dir/makeImage/Image4.html

  • Modify the java program so that it constructs a multi-colored image that is distinctly different from the one I have provided. For example, create an image with an interesting geometric shape or pattern, or an image that paints some letter of the alphabet (other than the letter "I").

Trying to paint my first colored Image!