PHYS 2411

Fall Semester, 1998

Instructor: Joel E. Tohline

Prerequisites: PHYS 2221;
or PHYS 1202 or 2102 and MATH 2057;
or CHEM 4581 and credit or registration in MATH 2065
Description: Introduction to symbolic manipulation and numerical techniques used to analyze or simulate a broad range of physical systems.

Important Note:

The first day of class (Thursday, 20 August) will be held in Room 131 Nicholson Hall. See you there!


This course will be divided in time into four roughly equal segments with the culmination of each segment being an examination. The accompanying calendar identifies which class periods will fall into each course segment and specifies precisely when each exam will be given.

Course Outline:

On the accompanying pages labeled Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, an outline of the course material is provided for each of the four segments of the course. These outlines will undoubtedly be modified as the semester progresses because the speed at which I am able to cover the various topics will depend to a significant degree on how familiar students in the class are with necessary background ideas and information.
The textbooks that will be used in this course are described on the accompanying page.
Evaluation of Coursework:
9% Homework and Class Participation
22% EXAM #1 [17 September]
22% EXAM #2 [15 October]
22% EXAM #3 [12 November]
25% FINAL EXAM (or PROJECT) [date & time TBD]
Tohline's Habits:
Office Location: 237 Nicholson
Office Phone: 388-6851
Office Hours: Mondays and Tuesdays 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
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