Visualizing Three-Dimensional Surfaces

Interim Session, 2001
[3 - 8 January]
222 Nicholson Hall

Instructor: Joel E. Tohline

Virtual Reality Tools (Overview)

Manipulating Structures on the ImmersaDesk Using CAVElib Utilities

Task #1:   Read in data (coordinates of vertices and polygons) from a VRML file and use the appropriate OpenGL routines to render (a wire-frame image of) the corresponding object on the ImmersaDesk.

Constructing a VRML File

Task #2:   Develop an algorithm to locate the x,y,z coordinates of "vertices" that define any function z(x,y) or that identify a 3D "iso-surface" of any function f(x,y,z); then print out a VRML-formatted file that includes these vertices, along with the polygons that should be drawn to define the identified "surface".
Computer-Generated Holography
Task #2:   Construct a digital hologram that accurately depicts any three-dimensional surface that is defined by the polygons (specifically, triangles) in any VRML file.
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