Heterogeneous Computing Environment Tohline, Cazes & Cohl

5. Summary

Added-Value Features

Bottomless References
Backward References
Search engines can provide "complete" indices to each article!
Access to images/data bases
Java Applications
CGI Applications
Movies, animated gifs, and Sound!
VRML (almost ready for prime time!)
Links to variable definitions and definitions of Mathematical Operators
Equation anchors that can be referenced from any other article
Alive Equations (via, e.g., Mathematica)
Algorithm documentation and ASCII versions of entire code listings!
Direct documentation of grant support
Automatic "last updated" information.
Advertisement possibilities
An on-line "paper" can also be used as a prepared talk

Establish Standards

How will equation anchors be defined ?
Can the AIP/APS provide a permanent on-line "CRC" handbook to which all on-line articles will link?
Will the AIP/APS provide "standard" variable definitions?
Central source of physical constant "standards."
Can we strike a deal with Mathematica to provide alive equations?
Define different levels of archival articles/references.
Establish policy for advertisement "posters" and broadcast media publicity.

Unresolved Issues

Level of archival support to be provided by AIP.
Costs shifted to computer tech support.
Should there be a printed "readers digest" version of journal?
Copyright issues.
Policy regarding quality of product in connection with online algorithms.

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