FALL 2016

CLASS: 12:30PM–01:30PM MWF, Nicholson 435

Prof. Jonathan P. Dowling
Office Hours: 01:30PM-2:00PM MWF

Required Book:
Introductory Quantum Optics
Christopher Gerry & Peter Knight
Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 9780521527354 | ISBN-10: 052152735X

Recommended Books:

Quantum Optics

Marlan O. Scully and M. Suhail Zubairy
Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13: 978-0521435956 | ISBN-10: 0521435951

Exploring the Quantum: Atoms, Cavities, and Photons
  Serge Haroche (2012 Nobel Prize in Physics) & Jean-Michel Raimond
Oxford University Press
ISBN-13: 978-0198509141  |  ISBN-10: 0198509146

Schrödinger's Killer App: The Race to Build the World's First Quantum Computer
Jonathan P. Dowling

Taylor and Francis CRC Press
ISBN 9781439896730

NRL Plasma Formulary

Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics: Review

Quantum & Atom Optics Links

100% Homework


Nonclassical light
Dissipative interactions and decoherence
Optical test of quantum mechanics
Experiments in cavity QED and with trapped ions
Applications of entanglement: Heisenberg-limited interferometry and quantum information processing
Miscellaneous Topics

HOMEWORK            ASSIGNED           DUE                                  

HW01                          WED 11 JAN          FRI 27 JAN                       
HW02                           FRI 27 JAN            FRI 10 FEB
HW03                           FRI 10 FEB            FRI 24 MAR
HW04                           FRI 24 MAR          MON 17 APR
HW05                          MON 17 APR         FRI 05 MAY



7.1                 Quadrature Squeezing
7.2                 Generation of Squeezed States
7.3                 Detection of Squeezed States
7.4                 Amplitude or Number Squeezed States
7.5                 Antibunching
7.6                 Schrödinger's Cat
7.7                 Two-Mode Squeezing

8.0                 Optical Bloch Equations and Theories of Dissipation and Decoherence
8.3                 Quantum Trajectory Theory and Master Equation
8.4                 Closed Three-Level System Analysis of Quantum Jumps
8.5                 Decoherence Kills Schrödinger's Cat

9.0                  Dirac, Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen, Bohm, and Bell
9.1                  Entangled Photon Sources and Nonlinear Optics
9.2                  Hong-Ou-Mandel Effect
9.5                  Dispersion Cancellation and Superluminal Tunneling
9.3                  Quantum Eraser I
9.4                  Induced Coherence / Quantum Eraser II
9.6                 Optical Tests of Quantum Mechanics / Bell's Inequalities

10.1–10.8        Experiments in Cavity QED and Trapped Ions (Will not Cover in Class)
11.2–11.3        Applications of Quantum Optics for Metrology, Communication, and Computing
                        Quantum Money
                        The Hippies the Ruined Physics in a FLASH! Ch. 6
        Chs. 2 & 5

WED 11 JAN           First Day of Class
MON 16 JAN           Martin Luther King Holiday
MON 27 FEB           Mardis Gras Holiday

MON 10 MAR         Spring Break
WED 12 MAR         Spring Break
FRI    14 MAR         Spring Break
FRI 28 APR             Last Day Class