Assigned:        FRI 29 APR
Due:                5PM FRI 06 MAY
Note: I will have to post grades by 5PM TUE 10 APR so all HW sets need to be turned in by the time I arrive in my office AM MON 09 APR to give me time to grade and compute the curve. Any HW turned in after that will not be counted.

Problem 1.   Barton Problem 11.2, p.285

Problem 2.   Barton Problem 11.6, p.286

Problem 3.   Barton Problem 11.12, p.287

Problem 4.  Barton Problem  12.10, p.325

Problem 5.   Barton Problem 12.12, p.326

Problem 6.   Barton Problem 12.14, p.326