Assigned:        FRI 19 FEB
Due:                FRI 26 FEB

Problem 1.   Barton Problem 4.1, p.115.

Problem 2.   Barton Problem 4.2, p.115

Problem 3.   Barton Problem 4.3, p.115

Problem 4.  Barton Problem 4.4, p. 115

Problem 5.   Barton Problem 4.5, p. 115

Problem 6.   Barton Problem 4.6, p. 116

Problem 7.   Barton Problem 4.7, p. 116

Problem 8.   Barton Exercise, p 101: Verify Eq. 4.4.7 using the radial part of the 2D Laplacian given. WLOG take r'=0. Then show that G(r|0) satisfies the delta-function definition of Eq.4.4.1, first by showing that Eq.4.4.1 gives zero for all r>0. (This was done in class.) Then show that the 2D area integral of the left-hand side of Eq.4.4.1 on any circular disk centered at the origin gives one. To do the second part use the 2D version of Gauss's Law: