Assigned:        FRI 11 APR
Due:                FRI 02 MAY

Problem 1.   Barton Problem 10.1, p.258

Problem 2.   Barton Problem 10.2, p.258

Problem 3.   Barton Problem 10.4, p.258

Problem 4.  Barton Problem  10.6, p.258

Problem 5.   Barton Problem 10.8, p.258

Problem 6.   In the attached manuscript [Dowling92c], rederive Eq.(22) for the normalized power output of a monopole acoustic oscillator inside of a 1D sonic bandgap material made up from an infinite periodic comb of delta-function potentials. Then reproduce the plot in Fig.(3). Interprete the physics behind the peaks that grow larger than one and the valleys where the power is zero in Fig.(3) in terms of the sonic band frequency vs. wavenumber structure from Fig.(2).