Physics Courseware

There seems to be no central location where you can find physics courseware, despite the fact that there is a a significant amount out there and some is truly excellent. Here, I have tried to collect as many links as I (and my friends) can find to upper-level physics courseware. If there is a link missing that should be included, please send me an email (jarrell at physics dot uc dot edu) with the subject heading courseware. These links die and change often, so please also send email about dead links. If many people send me emails with links, I promise to update this site (cgi scripts, etc.) to make it easier to use.

Computational Physics

Computational Physics -- 3rd/4th Year Option
UIUC MatSE 390AS Atomic Scale Simulation
Computational Physics / Carleton University
Computational Science Education Project Homepage

Quantum Mechanics

Lu Sham
Quantum Computation
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics' Course at Imperial College

Solid State/CM Superconductivity Information for the Beginner.
Michael Ma, Advanced Solid State Physics Course
The Basics of MRI by Joseph P. Hornak
Piers Coleman's monograph on Many Body Theory.
Quantum Condensed Matter Physics by Chetan Nayak.
Green function methods for equlibrium and nonequilibrium systems by M. Jarrell
Mark Jarrell, Solid State Physics
Alfonso Munoz Bandas
Condensed Matter Theory Course
Richard Martin, Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter
Martin Long. Probes of Condensed Matter
Techniques of Many Body Physics
Course on Electronic Structure and Car-Parrinello
Topics in condensed matter-Spring 2000
Gauge Fields in CM


Relativity and Poincaré Symmetry
Course in Graduate Electrodynamics by Mark Jarrell
Classical Electrodynamics by Bo Thide.
Electromagnetism Links
Solutions to Jackson
Electromagnetic Field Theory Internet Textbook Project
Physics 4B
Electricity and Magnetism


A set of Physics Books available free online
DC Physics Online Physics Textbooks .
The Physiscs Formulary (physics equations).
An interactive periodic table .
Physics Problems Page
Latex Introduction
Physics Formulary
Free Books from Samizdat Press
Postgraduate Lecture Courses


BTOL Homepage

Modern Physics

Michael Fowler

Thermo/Stat Mech

Statistical Thermodynamics of MaterialsMatSc 597c
Statistical Mechanics Course notes by Mark Tuckerman
Statistical Physics 303-403