The directory xtoys contains a set of cellular automata simulators I have written for Xwindows. The executables here are for Linux. The xtoys gallery shows lots of pictures produced by these programs (beware if you have a slow link). To peek at the xising user interface, look here.

A further description of these files is in my contribution to the Lattice'95 proceedings.

The files in the xtoys directory include:

If you are on one of our local sparcstations, pointers to the executables are in /usr/local/bin. If this is in your path, typing "xising," etc. will start the corresponding program.

These all look best on a color display.

I want these to compile under generic X; so if you have problems on some machine supporting X, I would appreciate knowing so I can fix things.


Because of the Unisys patent on the LZW algorithm, compression is disabled for the subset of these programs that create gif files. The programs still work, but the saved graphics files are an order of magnitude larger than with compression. Comments in the source should enable any reasonable programmer to reinstall this feature (hint: search for the word "illegal").

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File last modified: November 1999