The Constitution of Baldet


In order to assimilate the cultures of this diverse land, we, the people of Baldet, do ordain to establish this constitution: to ensure the rights of the citizens expressed herein, to form a more perfect form of government, to ensure freedom, and to live in peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Article I

The powers of the legislative branch shall be entrusted to a Congress. This Congress shall consist of two members from each state plus at least one based on population, for a total of at least three representatives. No state, no matter the population, may have a majority, over one half the total number of members to Congress. Each representative shall serve a three year term.

A direct majority election shall be held in each state for its representatives. The members may be re-elected for an infinite number of terms. Congress's president shall be that of the Vice President of Baldet; and only in the event of a tie shall he or she have a vote. The Congress must officially be in session at least twice a year. All members of Congress must be at least twenty-five years of age upon election, and have lived a minimum of seven years as a citizen of Baldet. A minimum of two years residence in the state that they represent is required.

In the case of inability, resignation, explusion, or death, the representative's state's govenor shall appoint a new representative with two- thirds state legislature's approval within ninety days of the official vacancy. To expel a member from Congress, two-thirds vote and the Vice President's approval are required. The salaries of the representatives shall remain constant for their entire term.

To pass any bill or law, one-half vote is required. From there, the bill must be approved by the President. If not approved, three-fourths vote is required to override the veto.

Congress may and/or must do the following: tax to pay national debts, borrow money with interest, regulate commerce between foreign nations and the states, coin money, set its values, fix the standard of weights and measures, establish a postal service, establish a national highway system, authorize copyrights and patents, declare war, sign peace treaties, raise and support armies, maintain a navy and air force, and direct military actions in accordance with the President. Taxes may not be imposed on exports. No state may sign treaties, coin money, grant titles, or declare war against other states or nations. States may and/or must do the following: tax, borrow money with interest, establish a system of roads and highways within its borders, govern themselves, establish a state constitution in accordance with the laws here, and raise and support an army directed by the state's governor and legislature.

Article II

A President and Vice President shall be elected directly by popular vote. The former Vice President counts the votes in Congress.

The President and Vice President shall serve a five year term simultaneously for no more than three consecutive terms. The prerequisites for President and Vice President are the following: the candidate be at least forty years of age upon election, be born a native of Baldet, and have lived at least twenty years in Baldet.

In the case of inability, resignation, impeachment, or death of the President, the Vice President shall assume the position of President. The new President then shall appoint a Vice President with two-thirds Congress's approval within one hundred eighty days of the official vacancy. The former President's term shall be completed. Salary will be fixed for the entire term. An oath shall be taken by the President and Vice President.

The President is the commander-in-chief of all armed forces. The President may and/or must do the following: sign treaties with the approval of two-thirds vote in Congress, appoint officials in the executive branch, give three formal addresses of the state of the Union each year, and issue pardons only in the case of the death penalty.

Article III

The judicial branch shall consist of a Supreme Court, state courts, and district courts. Federal judges shall be appointed by the President for life. State and district judges shall serve ten year terms with no limits on re-election. Salary will be fixed for the entire term.

The courts rule on constitutionality. The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over all state and local courts; state courts have jurisdiction over all local courts within the state. All trials shall be heard by a jury consisting of at least eleven jurors. Impeachment shall be heald in Congress before the representatives. Two-thirds vote is required to impeach an officer. All officers are subject to impeachment.

Article IV

Crimes committed in a state will be tried in that state, except in the case of treason.

At the time of application for statehood, the state must meet, but not exceed twice the level thereof, a set of standards for population and territory. A territory not owning or claiming parts of existing states, with the approval of two-thirds Congress and the President, shall do or have the following: become a new state, set up a legislature, elect its governor and other officials, draw up a constitution which in no way denies or nullifies any part of this national constitution, divide itself into districts of not fewer than three, choose a capitol city, an representation in Congress in accordance with the appropriate guidelines.

The national government may purchase land from other nations, possess and govern these lands, and impose taxes on it. The people in these territories may not vote until the territory has become a state. Other states may not claim or buy land within a territory or another state.

The cite of the national capitol shall be that of the second most populus city in Baldet that is part of a state. The cite may change only at the time of a new presidential term. During a president's term, the capitol shall remain fixed no matter a change in population. Despite the location of the capitol city, the national government shall, in no way, superimpose upon the office of mayor of the city.

Article V

All citizens shall have the following: the freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly, and petition; the right to bear arms; the right to deny entry into their homes; the right to deny search and seizure without a court- issued warrant and probable cause; and the right to a lawyer, a trial by jury, and the right to appeal. All accused persons are innocent until proven guilty.

No person shall deny another person's rights by the use of slavery. An accused person has a right to a bail set by the judge, except in extreme offenses. The judge may sentence a convicted person within the parameters of that state's constitution.

A legal voter in Baldet is of age eighteen, a citizen of Baldet for a previous one year, and registered at a residence for three months prior to the election day. Taxes must not be imposed on voting or other democratic freedom in the event of election or judgment.

Article VI

Acknowledgment of two-thirds Congress, either three-fourths vote of Congress or three-fourths vote of state legislatures, and the approval of the President and the Vice President are required to add an amendment to this constitution.

Article VII

With the approval of four-fifths of all present state legislatures, this constitution shall become law.

The Fundamental Laws

  1. Each of the nine islands of the Lantosch archipelago shall have a governor who owns all land and people of his island.

  2. Each governor is indepedent from the rule of all other governors except one, the emperor, who reigns over all nine islands.

  3. Every six years a tournament shall be held between the eight governors on the emperor's island to install a new ruler.

  4. The tournament shall be a fight to the death, one-on-one, through three rounds until only one man is left. He shall be crowned the new emperor.

  5. The governor of each island, except the emperor, can change at any time by means of death, resignation, or a coup. Therefore, the most powerful man on each island shall prevail.

  6. (The Bason Island Revision, 976) The outgoing emperor shall be exiled to the Isle of Souls in the Bay of Hearttear.