From the SEMA 99 Show Nov. 3rd, 1999.
What IS the FR500 ?
The FR500 is the result of a challenge from Dan Davis (director Ford racing Technology) to FRT engineers to "create the ultimate high-performance Mustang" while creating a showcase for current and future products available through the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog.

" What we're revealing today is a performance parts story, wrapped up in a car." Said Davis, who was joined in the unveiling by Ford Taurus NASCAR star and FR500 test driver Rusty Wallace. " we wanted a car that would satisfy a Mustang enthusiasts' dream checklist of performance modifications; a car that would be well engineered and very well balanced; and a performance benchmark to outperform the manual transmission Corvette.

"Our interim goal with the FR500 was to get everything right, including it's performance, and to have all the parts designed so that they would be reproducible at a reasonable cost. What we've done is take a lot of the racing knowledge we have here and intergrated a lot of it into what is our version of the ultimate Mustang."

"We Will measure success by how many parts or systems end up being produced and offered for sale" Davis said.

"The end result will come about after feedback from media, suppliers and especially our customers," he said. "Once we do market research, we could end up producing just a few of the parts, or there could be enough of a demand that we could do a limited run of the car. The initial idea is to start offering parts as the market demands them".

Most of the parts we saw on the FR500 were still "wish list", but if this is a hint of what the future holds for Ford Racing, it means having 400+ HP stang could be as easy as walking into a FRPP retailer and bolting the stuff onto your stang ! Our fingers are crossed :-)

The FR500 was tested at: 0-60 in 4.6 Seconds, 1/4 mile in 12.70 seconds / 114mph and a top speed of 175 (est) with street tires !

We would like to see the parts produced, the FR500 looked beautiful at the show.

Below are the specs along with some interesting facts we got from the engineers themselves at show (under each pic):


The Hood: The new carbon fiber hood on the the Silver FR500 comes clean down to the front bumper. Aprox 23LBS lighter than production. The 2 holes at the lower sides are for brake cooling vs ram air. Engine cooling comes from the massive front lower opening. The white FR500 used a production hood and side pillars. All the body work on this FR500 was in carbon fiber.


Production 99 Mustang with FR500 carbon fiber front fascia, hood, fenders, rocker pannels, rear fascia and decklid.


Du Pont Special Effect Silver


Head Lamps: Production Cobra lamps with PIAA bulbs
Driving lamps: PIAA


The Twins: Notice actual twin Mass Air Flow Meters's vs a single MAF split into 2 (very unique). The throttle linkage works in 2 stages. The passenger side throttle body opens for normal driving (or part throttle), but if you put the pedal down closer to the floor, the second driver side throttle body opens accordingly. Ford engineer's talked about the pedal "feel" of the 2 stage throttle system, it can be made seemless or you can have the "feel" of the 2 stages by adjusting the throttle spring tensioners.


FR500 4.6L-4v cast Aluminum based block enlarged to 5.0L
Bore and stroke: 94mm x 90mm
Displacement: 5.0L
Compression Ratio: 9.85:1
Crankshaft: Fully counterweighted forged steel
Rods: Production Cobra 4.6L-4v
Pistions: New design forged aluminum
Horsepower: 415hp @6800rpm
Torque: 365lbs @ 4200rpm
Redline: 7000rpm (fuel shut off@7200rpm)


FR500 high flow cast aluminum cylinder heads

4 valves per cylinder, two intake valves, 37mm head diameter, two exhaust valves, 30mm head diameter.
Camshafts: Double overhead camshafts
Followers: Roller finger followers, hydraulic lash adjustment


FR500 dual induction system
Air filter: Dual air filter assemblies with production air filters.
Mass Air Sensors: Dual 80mm mass air sensors
Throttle Bodies: Dual 70mm throttle bodies
Intake Manifold: Dual throttle body cast magnesium, variable geometry runners


Unique EEC-V calibration to operate FR500 dual induction system
Tips to match: 3.5" tips were added to fill out the rear fisca. The rear is production cobra (IRS) tuned to FR500 specs.


Distributorless coil-on-plug

Magic Move: The FR500's weight ratio is 50/50. Moving the front suspension forward 5 inches compared to the production stang aided in reaching this goal. The stock shock mounting locations have been maintained. From the outside, it appears only like the tires have been moved forward. As a result to prevent the tires from rubbing at full turn lock, slight modification to the inner wells were done. Also in the outer fender (as you can see).


Alternator: Production Cobra alternator
Battery: Trunk-mount battery system
Neat Pillars: In this shot you might notice the rear pillars extend back a way past the rear window. Part of the design.


Fuel pump: 170 liters/hr
Injectors: Eight 33lbs/hr


Radiator: High Fin density 36mm core
Fan: Production Cobra electric

The exhaust system was by Arvin Technologies, Inc.


Exhaust manifolds: High flow stainless steel tubular headers
Catalysts: Four high flow metal substrate
Exhaust pipes: 2-1/2 in. Stainless steel pipes
Mufflers: 2-1/2 in. inlet, 2-1/2 in. outlet low restriction
Tail Pipes: 2-1/2 in. to 3-1/2" dual tip tail pipes



Flywheel: Unique 8 bolt flex plate / billet steel flywheel combination
Clutch: 8-1/2" dual disc with vented floater
Clutch Cable: Ford Racing Performance Parts Adjustable M-7553-B02


Tremec T-56 6-speed Manual
Shifter: Pro-5.0 shifter with modified production-type shift handle


Driveshaft: FR500 metal matrix composite, 3-1/2" dia.
U-joints: Production Cobra uni-joints

Ring and Pinion: 8.8" FRPP M-4209-G410
Axle Ratio: 4.10 : 1
Diff: 31 tooth Torsen T2R, 4.0:1 torque bias limited slip
Diff housing: Aluminum Cobra housing with uniqye FR500 locating bracket.
Diff. Cooler: Tilton electric pump with unique FR500 tube-style heat exchanger
Half-Shafts: FR500 51mm tubular with 31 tooth stub shafts

Light Modification: Because the tire well moved forward 5 inches, slight adjustments to the production front headlight assembly needed to be made. Engineers shaved off a just a little from the very rear of the wrap around (yellow area) to accomodate. Little things you might not notice, but they did :-)



FR500 double A-arm front suspension utilizing a bolt-on tubular No.2 cross member, Lincoln LS alum. rear upper control arms as front upper control arms, fabricated steel lower control arms, Cobra spindles, Lincoln LS derived alum. coil over shocks, 1-1/4" dia. rearward mounted tubular (sway) bar, fabricated stabilizer bar arms and drop links, ride height lowered 1" from stock.

LS Rear as FR500 Front: The FR500 Front suspension. Note the production Lincoln LS upper.


Cobra IRS with revised spring rates and shock valving, ride height lowered 1" from stock.


Type: Power assist rack and pinion
Gear ratio: 17.25:1
Turns: 2.4 turns lock to lock



Rotors: 14" x 1.25 Brembo rotors, vented and cross drilled
Calipers: Four pistion, Brembo calipers with FR500 caliper adapters
Cooling: Forced air, ducted from front fascia


Rotors: 13" x 1.1" Brembo rotors, vented
Calipers: Lincoln LS single pistion rear calipers with FR500 adapters

ABS: Production four-channel ABS system

Got $4,000? Because the wheels are machined to order at this stage, you'll need some cash flow to get them :-) Production wheels will be less costly of course.


Front: 18" x 9" FR500 prototype wheels.
Rear: 18" x 10" FR500 prototype wheels.

Front: BFG's G-Force T/A KD 265/35ZR18
Rear: BFG's G-Force T/A KD 295/35ZR18


Two tone dark charcoal and medium graphite leather, FR500 steering wheel.


Front Seats: Production Mustang seats with FR500 Mustang leather seat trim.


JBL high performance CD audio / CD-ROM, AM & FM with Becker TrafficPro voice prompt navigation, one JBL GT1041 10in subwoofer powered by a JBL BP600 watt amp. Two JBL 504Gti 2 way mid-range speakers powered by a JBL P80 amp, one JBL 7 band parametric equalizer.