1993 Mustang Cobra

Artist's Rendition of a 93 Cobra

Artist's Rendition of the 1993 Mustang Cobra
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Black 93 Cobra

The 1993 Mustang Cobra in black
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Technical Data


1993 Production Figures:

Black 1854
Red (not including R models) 1784
Teal 1355

R models 107

Total 5100 units


The 1993 was the only cobra model produced in the last year of the 'fox' body style. There were many improvements made to this model throughout. Here is a list of distinctive cobra features.

* (3 unique parts to the first run 200-250 cobras utilized a slighlty recast upper intake, different A/C bracket and silver as opposed to black oil dipstick tube).


Special Exterior Components:

VibrantRed93Cobra VibrantRed93Cobra