1993 Cobra rear hatch air spoiler
1993 Cobra tail light lenses
1993 Cobra fender emblems
1993 Cobra grille insert with chrome running horse
1993 Cobra rims, axles, and rear disc brakes
1993 Cobra rear parking brake cables
1993 Cobra front brake rotors
Cervini's 1993 Cobra rear bumper cover
Cervini's 1993 Cobra side skirts
Cervini's 1993 Cobra front bumper cover extensions
Cervini's 1" cowl Ram-Air hood (FOR SALE)
1993 Cobra R antenna delete plate
2.5" chrome 1993 Cobra tail pipes


Speedware 200 MPH white face gauge kit


K&N 7" cone air filter
C&L 73mm mass air meter (24#/hr calibration)
BBK 65mm throttle body
1993 Cobra R upper and lower intake manifold
BBK 155 L/hr in-tank fuel pump
FMS 24#/hr fuel injectors
FMS E303 hydraulic camshaft
8mm spark plug wire kit
BBK 1 5/8" unequal length shorty headers
2.5" off-road H-pipe, GT American Thunder exhaust
Dual 2-chamber Flowmasters mufflers
AOD to T-5 conversion
FMS heavy duty clutch
FMS 3.73:1 8.8" ring and pinion gear set
Underdrive pulleys sans alternator pulley
3-core radiator
Goodyear blue silicone coolant hoses
180 degree hermostat

Future plans:

96-98 Cobra style hood for Fox Chassis car
90-93 environmental control panel INSTALLED, 6/3/01
90-93 sport bucket seat short headrests INSTALL 7/01
90-93 rear seat shoulder belts
1993 Cobra steering wheel/column/dash changes to accomodate
Edelbrock Performer 5.0 aluminum heads (1.90/1.60 valves)
FMS 1.7:1 ratio roller rockers
FMS roller lifters
Frost* indection system
Vortech 6# supercharger

* self-designed (patent pending) induction charge cooler system
lowers intake air temp by ~50 degrees F