Carl Sagan Tribute

Dr. Carl Sagan 1934 - 1996

For those of you who have seen the PBS shows "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan(most video stores now rent them) I think you may appreciate why I chose to make a tribute page to him. Carl Sagan is probably the single biggest influence on my life outside of my family. His uncanny ability to make scientific concepts accessible to the general public, his gentle personality and unquenchable curiosity inspired me to become a scientist and in particular an astronomer. He also had a gift as a writer. Some of my favorites are "Contact" and "The Demon Haunted World."

Unfortunatley Carl is no longer with us. I never got to tell him what a profound impact he had on my life. I remember waking up in the morning on the day after my last final exam, only a week before the commencment in which I would recieve my B.S. in physics only to find that one of my heros, Carl Sagan had passed away. So this is my small way of thanking Carl for everything he has done for me and science.

Rather than be long-winded and repeat a lot of information like some of the other Sagan tribute sites, I will just direct you to some of the more interesting ones. Enjoy!

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