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Dual Degree LSU/China On July 3, 2009, PI's signed the formal agreement with Institute of Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences) for training Ph.D. students with dual degrees. Seated, left to right are Gang Su, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yupeng Wang, Director, Institute of Physics (IOP), Dr. Kevin R. Carman, Dean, LSU College of Basic Sciences, and Dr. E. Ward Plummer, Professor, LSU Physics & Astronomy. Standing, left to right are Kuijuan Jin, Director, The State Key Lab. of Optical Physics, Jiandong Guo, Director, The State Key Lab of Surface Physics, Hongjun Gao, Associate Director, Institute of Physics (IOP), Dr. Rongying Jin, Assoc. Professor, LSU Physics & Astronomy, and Dr. Jiandi Zhang, Professor, LSU Physics & Astronomy.