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Philip Adams

Professor Philip Adams and Tijiang Liu have published a paper in Nature Physics titled "Enhanced electron coherence in atomically thin Nb3SiTe6." The paper explores how the vibrations of atoms in a material change when that material is made very thin. This work suggest that electronic devices could be fabricated from these two-dimensional materials and these devices would have superior electrical properties to those of current technologies.

Dr. Jonathan Dowling

Professor Jonathan Dowling, Graduate Student Jonathan Olson, Undergraduate Evan Rabeaux, and colleagues have published a paper in the Phys. Rev. Lett. titled "Linear Optical Quantum Metrology with Single Photons: Exploiting Spontaneously Generated Entanglement to Beat the Shot-Noise Limit." Their research shows that a very simple scheme, using just single photons, is able to perform quantum measurement with a degree of precision impossible using classical light, ushering in a new era for quantum measurement.

Dr. Wayne Newhauser

Medical Physics Professor Wayne Newhauser, Rui Zhang, and Oleg Vassiliev have published a paper titled "Reducing the Cost of Proton Radiation Therapy: The Feasibility of a Streamlined Treatment Technique for Prostate Cancer." The paper explores ways to reduce the cost of proton radiotherapy for cancer patients while increasing convenience for patients, especially those being treated far from home.

Parampreet Singh

Parampreet Singh was named a Rainmaker in the category of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Mid-Career Scholar. Faculty members chosen as Rainmakers are those who balance their responsibilities with external expectations such as securing funding for their research and establishing the impact of their findings to the scholarly community and society as a whole. Singh investigates the origins of the universe and the way properties of space and time emerged during its birth, ideas based in Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Daniel Sheehy

This work by Dr. Daniel Sheehy analyzes theoretically the properties of a gas of atoms close to absolute zero and confined to a cigar-shaped optical trapping potential. Studying systems like this helps us learn more about the collective behavior of quantum mechanical systems.


The Landolt Standards and 21st Century Photometry meeting will be held here at LSU, Tuesday, May 19 - Thursday, May 21, 2015. The conference will profess Dr. Arlo Landolt distinctive career. Arlo Landolt is a Ball Family Professor Emeritus with the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Louisiana State University. If you are interested in attending the meeting and would like to be added to our mailing list, please visit the meeting website for registration information.


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Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at LSU! The department is actively involved in research in astronomy and astrophysics, gravitation and relativity, nuclear and particle physics, medical physics, materials and condensed matter physics, atomic/molecular/optical physics, quantum optics and computing, and medical physics. More...


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