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Ball Professor Emeritus Arlo Landolt and 1989 Physics & Astronomy alumnus Keith Comeaux have been named to the LSU College of Science Hall of Distinction.

RESEARCH NEWS → The first catalog of ground-based observations of terrestrial gamma flashes (TGFs, millisecond-long bursts of gamma rays associated with terrestrial lightning) has been accepted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research. Becky Ringuette, Gary Case, Mike Cherry, Doug Granger, Greg Guzik, Michael Stewart, and John Wefel report the observation of 24 millisecond-scale bursts of gamma rays up to 2 MeV associated with nearby (< 5 miles) lightning. The measurements were made with an array of detectors mounted on rooftops on the LSU campus and operating since Summer 2010. More news . . .

RESEARCH NEWS → Chemical Doping in materials in know to give rise to emergent phenomena.  LSU researchers from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, working with scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory reported in Nature Scientifc Reports observation of electronic chirality associated with Mn doping in
Sr3(Ru1-xMnx)2O7  ---  “Atomic-Scale Fingerprint of Mn Dopant at the Surface of Sr3(Ru1-xMnx)2O7" Guorong Li, Qing Li, Minghu Pan, Biao Hu, V. B. Nascimento, Chen Chen, Jing Teng, Jiandi Zhang, Rongying Jin, and E.W. Plummer, Scientific Reports, Nature, 3, 2882 (2013). More news . . .

The 2014 South Central Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics will be held here at LSU, Friday, January 17-19, 2013. The conference will explore and showcase career opportunities for physicists through lots of activities, such as tours of national labs, research presentations, discussion panels, and lots of opportunities for networking. Discussion panels will include topics such as applying for and succeeding in graduate school, how to get involved in undergraduate research or summer programs, and the multitude of careers available to physicists. The South Central CUWiP will be one of eight regional conferences all taking place simultaneously and organized through the American Physical Society. The aim of the CUWiPs is to allow undergraduate women physicists to meet, network with, and be inspired by both peers and established women scientists.


Materials Science

Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) at LSU

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What I did with my Physics Degree

A series of discussions with alumni, industry representatives, faculty, and occasional other visitors together with undergraduate Physics and Astronomy majors on the general topic of career opportunities and prospects for department majors.  For more about employment prospects for physicists, please see the American Physical Society page.

Past Presentations

October 3, 2013 --  "Energy in the 21st Century: A Bright or a Dark Future?" -- Najib Abusalbi, LSU Ph.D. in atomic physics in 1981, is currently Corporate University Relations Manager for Schlumberger, the world's largest oilfield services company. -- Thursday, October 3, 2013, 5:30 PM, Nicholson 119.

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at LSU! The department is actively involved in research in astronomy and astrophysics, gravitation and relativity, nuclear and particle physics, medical physics, materials and condensed matter physics, atomic/molecular/optical physics, quantum optics and computing, and medical physics. More...

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FALL 2013

Ph.D. - Christopher Britt, Azadeh Keivani, Yuan Zhang,

M.S. - Diane Alvarez, John-Paul Grenier, David McLaughlin, Adam Watts, Kendrick Williams, Lydia Wilson, Wanshu Zhang

B.S. - Seth Burleigh, Christina Davis, Ryan Gueho, Stephen Pessina


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