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dual degree (ph.d.) program in physics (materials)

Motivation and Goals  |  Details of the Program  |  The Institute of Physics (IOP), Chinese Academy of Sciences   |  Nanjing University
Louisiana State University  |  Discovering New Complex Materials and Phenomena  |  Physics & Chemistry at Surfaces: Broken Symmetry
Emergent Behavior in Spatially Confined Complex Materials   |  Condensed Matter Theory: From Quantum Criticality to Topological Matter
Quantum Critical Behavior  |  Correlated Cold Atoms: The Interface between Atomic and Condensed Matter Physics
Extreme Scale Simulations of Complex Materials  |  Materials Characterization with Synchrotron Radiations


Quantum Critical Behavior



Quantum critical point


Several graduate fellowship positions are available at the department of Physics and Astronomy of Louisiana State University. The fellows will participate in a joint theory/computational/experimental program to study quantum critical phenomena in strongly correlated systems. We expect to have several computational positions and one each in theory and experiments. Students involved in this project will have access to the best research equipment and work with one of the leading groups in this rapidly emerging field. Computational students will have access to the world’s fastest supercomputers and the most modern computational formalism, algorithms and codes. For more details, contact Prof. Mark Jarrell ().









Thermal evolution


Thermal evolution of the physics near a QCP with temperature decreasing in the foreground. Green oval represents unpaired spin complexes responsible for the inelastic scattering which causes the non-Fermi liquid.











Last updated: June 10, 2015