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Guang Jia and medical physics doctoral candidate Joseph Steiner are revolutionizing prostate cancer screening by developing a device to increase accuracy. If successful, their device will produce more accurate CT scans of the prostate and improve prostate cancer diagnoses. Read More


Ivan Agullo has received a five-year National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development, or CAREER, award to support his research on the early universe.The NSF CAREER award is one of the foundation's most prestigious grants awarded to promising junior faculty who effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization. Read More


Wayne Newhauser and LSU medical physics graduate students are exploring transformative research using 3-D technology to create new tools for leading-edge cancer research, translating into improved patient care. Read More

Bradley Schaefer has a wide range of interests throughout astrophysics, including gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, low mass X-ray binaries, eclipsing binaries, Nereid, Pluto, Kuiper Belt Objects, sunspot counts, astronomical effects on history, the accuracy of the press in reporting astronomy, the origin of the Greek and Chinese constellations, archaeoastronomy, astronomical events in history. Read More

KIC 8462852

"KIC8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.165 ± 0.013 Magnitudes Per Century From 1890 To 1989". "This star's dimming is unique and inexplicable," Bradley Schaefer told CNN. According to Centauri Dreams, "Schaefer takes a hard look at this F3 main sequence star in the original Kepler field not only via the Kepler data but by using a collection of roughly 500,000 sky photographs in the archives of Harvard College Observatory, covering the period from 1890 to 1989." Read More


String theory and loop quantum gravity - attempting to unify quantum theory and gravity - Prfoessor Jorge Pullin argued that making LQG compatible with special relativity necessitates interactions that are similar to those found in string theory. Dr. Pullin is quoted multiple times in the article. Read More


The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, is one of NSF's largest investments, which consists of more than 900 scientists from institutions throughout the U.S. and 16 countries working together to detect and analyze gravitational waves as defined by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. The spokesperson for this massive collaboration is LSU Physics & Astronomy Professor and LIGO scientist Gabriela Gonzalez. Read More

Cosmic ray

Professors Wayne Newhauser & Rui Zhang received a Physics in Medicine and Biology accolade for "most read" paper in 2015. Downloaded almost 7500 times. "The physics of proton therapy" discusses underlying processes as well as selected practical experimental and theoretical methods. It concludes by briefly speculating on possible future areas of research of relevance to the physics of proton therapy. Read More

Cosmic ray

LSU Astrophysicst Geoffrey Clayton's recent paper is featured in Research Highlights from the journals of the AAS. This paper reports the results of program using Hubble Space Telescope to study the nature of interstellar dust in the Andromeda Galaxy, which is the nearest galaxy similar to the Milky Way. Read More

Cosmic ray

Professor Shane Stadler and colleagues discovered a breakthrough material that may change the heating and cooling industry. A Louisiana company called Magnetic Cool LLC licensed this material and is developing a prototype that could provide more efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Read More

Cosmic ray

LSU Physicist James Matthews and an international team of scientists are reconstructing the path of the Universe's most energetic cosmic rays, bringing new insights into the origin and nature of this intergalactic phenomenon. Read More


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Welcome to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at LSU! The department is actively involved in research in astronomy and astrophysics, gravitation and relativity, nuclear and particle physics, medical physics, materials and condensed matter physics, atomic/molecular/optical physics, quantum optics and computing, and medical physics. More...


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Full Events Calendar

Feb. 8-10|Mardi Gras Holiday
Begins at 7:30 AM on Feb. 8
Classes resume at 12:30 PM on Feb. 10

February 11|3:30 P.M.
109 Nicholson Hall
Colloquium: "Computing the Heart of Matter" by Sonia Bacca from Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics/Triumf

February 18|9:30A.M.
Dalton Woods Auditorium
ORED Colloquium:"Public Research Universities - Challenges and Solutions" by Robert Birgeneau - the co-project chair of the Lincoln Project and the ninth chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley.

February 18|3:30 P.M.
109 Nicholson Hall
Colloquium: "Superconductors Old and New" by Robert Birgeneau - the co-project chair of the Lincoln Project and the ninth chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley.

February 20|10 - 11 A.M.
130 Nicholson Hall
Saturday Science: "Magnetic Materials and Solid State Cooling" by Shane Stadler from LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy

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