TGG News

Jim Isenberg, Sec/Treas of the TGGravitation
University of Oregon

Election News

We completed our second election this past November. The results were extremely close! (3 votes out of about 120 determined two of the races) The winning candidates for each contested office are as follows:

Vice Chair: Rainier Weiss Executive Committee (Slot 1): Sam Finn Executive Committee (Slot 2): Mac Keiser These people will take office just before the spring meeting, in April.

Press Agent

The APS is encouraging each unit (ie, each topical group, each division, etc) to set up a procedure for getting interesting news items out to the press. I think that the simplest thing (at least for those of us not used to doing this sort of thing on their own) is for members to send such items to the Sec/Treas (currently me), and then I will forward them with comments to the APS/AIP people whose job it is to publicize physics and to work with the press. Please don't be shy about sending me such items. My e-mail is, and my fax is (541)346-5217.

Centenary Speaker List

The APS Centenary is coming up in 1999. To help celebrate, the APS is planning to set up a list of top notch speakers who will be called upon to give special colloquia and special public lectures around the country. If you wish to volunteer yourself or anyone else for inclusion on this list, please let me know.

Centenary Exhibits

A large part of the Centenary celebration will focus on the APS meeting held in Atlanta in March of 1999. The APS is soliciting exhibits and displays for this meeting. They would like to have a lot of them. If any of you have any such things to offer, again, please let me know.

The Malcolm MacCallum GR Notices

Malcolm MacCallum very generously maintains an electronic GR news service which comes out monthly. While it is likely that most of us subscribe, it may be that some of you do not. If you do not, but would like to, just send an e-mail with your name and e-mail address and phone and fax to

We all greatly appreciate this generous service.

Changing Your Address

If you are changing your address--electronic or postal--the APS folks (including us at the Topical Group) would like to know. Just send a note to with the relevant information.

Jorge Pullin
Tue Feb 4 22:28:54 EST 1997