April 1997 Joint APS/AAPT Meeting

Beverly Berger
Oakland University

The 1997 Joint APS/AAPT Meeting will be held 18-21 April 1997 in Washington, DC and features, among other things, the activities of the Topical Group in Gravitation (GTG) including invited and focus sessions sponsored by GTG, as well as the GTG annual business meeting. The Ligo Research Community will also hold its meeting here.

Invited session speakers and talk titles:

Sources and Detection of Gravitational Radiation (sponsored by the Topical Group in Gravitation):

Jorge Pullin, Penn State, ``Analytic insights into the collision of two black holes"

Joan Centrella, Drexel, ``Gravitational Radiation from Inspiralling Binary Neutron Stars

Bruce Allen, UMW and LIGO, ``Will LIGO Detect a Gravitational Wave Background?''

David H. Shoemaker, MIT LIGO, ``LIGO: Observatory and Instrument Status''

Frontiers in Theoretical Physics (sponsored by the Topical Group in Gravitation and the Division of Particles and Fields)

Robert M. Wald, Chicago, ``Gravitational Collapse and Cosmic Censorship''

Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State, ``Large Quantum Gravity Effects in Unexpected Domains''

Juan Maldacena, Rutgers, ``Black Holes and String Theory''

Sensitive Mechanical Measurements and the Detection of Gravitational Waves (sponsored by the Topical Group in Gravitation and the Topical Group in Fundamental Constants and Precision Measurement)

Peter Saulson, Syracuse, ``Internal Friction, Brownian Motion, and General Relativity: Low Noise Mechanics and the Challenge of Gravitational Wave Detection''

W.O. Hamilton, LSU, `` Resonant Gravity Wave Detectors---What They Have Done and What They Can Do''

Jennifer Logan, Caltech/LIGO, `` Noise Behavior of the LIGO 40m Interferometer for Gravitational Wave Detection''

Mark Bocko, Rochester, `` Weak Force Detection Strategies, Where Quantum Mechanics and Gravitation Really Meet!''

The GTG has organized two focus sessions with invited and contributed talks on specific topics of interest to the GTG membership. The first, chaired by Leonard Parker, is on "Black Hole Evaporation, Formation, and Entropy" while the second, chaired by Bill Hamilton, is on "Analyzing Data from Gravitational-Wave Detectors."

The GTG will also organize contributed sessions on other areas of experimental and theoretical gravitational physics.

More details are available on the APS Meetings ( http://www.aps.org/meet/meetcal.html) web page.

The deadline for contributed abstracts has passed.

Jorge Pullin
Tue Feb 4 22:28:54 EST 1997