Quantum Gravity in the Southern Cone

Rodolfo Gambini, Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay

The idea of this meeting was to bring together international researchers in quantum gravity with researchers from the area of the Southern Cone of South America. The workshop was attended by 85 participants and took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay on April 10-12 1996.

The plenary lectures included Esteban Calzetta speaking about Stochastic behavior in field theories and semiclassical gravity, Jim Hartle on quantum cosmology and quantum mechanics, Marc Henneaux on cohomological methods in field theory, Gary Horowitz on black hole entropy in string theory, Carlos Kozameh on Fuzzy spacetimes, Karel Kuchar on quantum collapse, Juan Pablo Paz on decoherence, Jorge Pullin on knot theory and the dynamics of quantum gravity, Carlo Rovelli on black hole radiation and entropy in loop quantum gravity and Lee Smolin on quantum spin networks and quantum gravity.

There were afternoon sessions including talks by

Max Bañados, Mario Castagnino, Alfredo Dominguez, Hugo Fort, Fabian Gaioli, Jose Maluf, Hugo Morales Técotl, Viktor Mostepanenko, Javier Muniain, Mike Ryan, Victor Tapia, Ranjeet Tate, Thomas Thiemann, Luis Urrutia,

and posters by

Daniel Armand-Ugon, Diego Dalvit, Cayetano Di Bartolo, Rafael Ferraro, Fabian Gaioli, Edgardo Garcia Alvarez, Fernando Lombardo, Daniel Sforza.

The conference was generally well received by the participants and attracted a lot of coverage by the Uruguayan media. A second edition of the conference will be organized in Bariloche, Argentina, in January 1998.

Jorge Pullin
Sun Sep 1 16:45:26 EDT 1996