Not much to say in this editorial except that the newsletter is now produced in LaTeX, this will allow us to generate automatically an html version of it and better distribute it through the World Wide Web to the TeX/Postscript impaired. By the way, the html version is really something: every occurrence of an email address, preprint archive reference or web page is hotlinked, so you can click and surf. It also led to one of the worst Sundays in my life: getting LaTeX to do what you want is difficult enough without having to plan ahead your LaTeX code to be readable by an ``intelligent translator program'' (LaTeX2html by Nikos Drakos, a wonderful tool).

As usual I wish to again remind people that suggestions for authors/topics for the newsletter are very welcome.

We wish to say good bye and thanks a lot to Peter Michelson and welcome Warren Johnson as correspondent for bar-type gravitational wave detectors.

The next newsletter is due February 1st. If everything goes well this newsletter should be available in the gr-qc Los Alamos archives under number gr-qc/9609008. To retrieve it send email to gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov (or gr-qc@babbage.sissa.it in Europe) with Subject: get 9609008 (numbers 2-7 are also available in gr-qc). All issues are available in the WWW:
A hardcopy of the newsletter is distributed free of charge to the members of the APS Topical Group on Gravitation. It is considered a lack of etiquette to ask me to mail you hard copies of the newsletter unless you have exhausted all your resources to get your copy otherwise.

If you have comments/questions/complaints about the newsletter email me. Have fun.

Jorge Pullin

Jorge Pullin
Sun Sep 1 16:45:26 EDT 1996