GGR program at the APS April meeting in Dallas

Jorge Pullin, Louisiana State University
We have an exciting GGR related program at the upcoming APS April meeting in Dallas, Texas, April 22-25 2006. Early registration deadline is February 24. Our chair elect, Éanna Flanagan did a remarkable job putting this program together.

0. Plenary talk on LIGO Speaker: Gabriela González

I. Ground-based Gravitational Wave Detection (Saturday, April 22, 1:30pm)
Chair: Benjamin Owen (joint with Topical Group on Precision Measurements)
Mike Zucker -- Status of LIGO
Patrick Brady -- Results from LIGO observations I
Patrick Sutton -- Results from LIGO observations II

II. Experimental Tests of General Relativity (Saturday, April 22, 3:30pm)
Chair: Marc Favata
John Anderson -- Anomalous Acceleration of Pioneer 10 and 11
Slava Turyshev -- Science, Technology and Mission Design for the Laser Astrometric Test of Relativity
Eric Adelberger -- Tests of the gravitational inverse-square law at the dark-energy length scale

III. Theories of Gravity, Dark Energy and Cosmology (Sunday, April 23, 10:30am)
Chair: Sean Carroll (joint with Division of Particles and Fields)
Shamit Kachru -- String Theory and Cosmology
Nima Arkani-Hamed -- Implications of the Accelerating Universe for Fundamental Physics
Roman Scoccimarro -- Differentiating between Modified Gravity and Dark Energy

IV. Precision Cosmology (Sunday, April 23, 1:15pm)
Chair: John Beacom (joint with Division of Astrophysics)
Lyman Page -- Recent Results from WMAP
Josh Frieman -- Probing Dark Energy with Galaxy Clusters
Daniel Eisenstein -- Acoustic Oscillations in Galaxy Large-Scale Structure

V. Advances in Numerical Relativity (Sunday, April 23, 3:15pm)
Chair: Deirdre Shoemaker (joint with Division of Computational Physics)
Frans Pretorius -- Simulations of Binary Black Hole Mergers
Larry Kidder -- Numerical Simulation of Binary Black Holes
Thomas Baumgarte -- Neutron Stars in Compact Binaries
David Garfinkle -- Numerical simulations of generic singularities

VI. Gravitational Wave Sources and Phenomenology (Monday, April 24, 10:45am)
Chair: Gabriela González (joint with Division of Astrophysics)
Curt Cutler -- Overview of LISA Science
Alessandra Buonanno -- Source-modeling, detection and science of gravitational waves from compact binaries
Coleman Miller -- Gravitational Radiation from Intermediate-Mass Black Holes

VII. Heineman prize session (Tuesday, April 25, 10:45am)
Chair: Pierre Sikivie (joint with Division of Particles and Fields)
Citation: "For constructing supergravity, the first supersymmetric extension of Einstein's theory of general relativity, and for their central role in its subsequent development."
Sergio Ferrara -- Current topics in the theory of supergravity
Daniel Freedman -- Supergravity and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
P. van Nieuwenhuizen -- Supergravity

VIII. Focus session on Numerical Relativity
Lead Speaker: Greg Cook -- Status of Initial Data for Binary Black Hole Collisions

IX. Focus session on Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detection
Lead Speaker: Neil Cornish -- The LISA Observatory: Preparing for a bountiful harvest

X. Focus session on Recent Results in Quantum Gravity
Lead Speaker: Lee Smolin -- Physical predictions from loop quantum gravity

Jorge Pullin 2006-02-28