We hear that...

Jorge Pullin, LSU pullin-at-lsu.edu
The SIGRAV (Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation) has awarded the 2004 Amaldi Medal to Roger Penrose. The Amaldi medal is a European Prize for Gravitational Physics. It is awarded biannually and recognizes an European scientist who has given outstanding contributions to general relativity and gravitational physics.

Dieter Brill was elected vice-chair of the Topical Group. Vern Sandberg was elected secretary/treasurer. Vicky Kalogera and Steven Penn were elected to the executive committee.

GGR members Larry Ford, Jacqueline Hewitt, Ted Jacobson, Alan Kostelecky, Corinne Manogue, Ho Jung Paik, John Price were elected fellows of the APS.

Hearty Congratulations!

Jorge Pullin 2005-03-10