Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting

Charles Torre, Utah State

The $19^{th}$ Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting (PCGM) was held at the University of Utah, February 28 - March 1. The conference was held in conjunction with a celebration of Richard Price's sixtieth birthday - the Pricefest - which added an additional dimension to the meeting. In particular, the meeting benefited from overlapping with some of the Pricefest events, which included a party at Richard Price's house on Friday night as well as a solemn, respectful tribute dinner for Richard on Saturday night. See John Whelan's article elsewhere in this newsletter for details on the Pricefest.

The format of this meeting was the same as usual for this small, informal regional meeting: a wide variety of 15 minute talks from over 40 participants. The conference was very smoothly run by postdoctoral ``volunteers'' Chris Beetle and Lior Burko. As always, this conference tries to encourage student participation, and there were twelve student talks at this year's meeting. Nothing is quite so encouraging as money, and a cash prize named after Jocelyn Bell is awarded for the best student talk. For the first time (as far as I know), this prize was funded by the American Physical Society Topical Group on Gravitation. This year's Bell prize was awarded to Henriette Elvang (University of California, Santa Barbara) for her talk on ``Bubbles and Black Holes''. Last I heard, the $20^{th}$ Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting will be held in late winter 2004 at Caltech.

Several (overlapping) themes were represented at this year's conference. Here is an attempt to identify those themes and the speakers that go with them. Of course, several talks could be put into more than one category.

The Gravitational Two-Body Problem with talks by John Baker, Chris Beetle, Ben Bromley, Lior Burko, Rachel Costello, Peter Diener, Carlos Lousto, Mark Miller, Richard Price, Charles Torre.

LIGO/LISA with talks by Patrick Brady, Teviet Creighton, Jonathan Gair, Louis Rubbo, Linqing Wen, John Whelan

Experimental Gravity - but not LIGO or LISA with presentations by Eric Berg, Liam Cross, Daniel Kapner, Frank Marcoline, Jason Steffan, Clifford Will.

Gravitational Collapse and Numerical Relativity - but not the 2-body problem with talks by Jay Call, R. Steven Millward, Frans Pretorius, Mark Scheel, Richard O'Shaughnessy.

String Theory, Quantum Gravity, and then some with presentations by Steve Carlip , Yujun Chen , Tevian Dray , Henriette Elvang , Gary Horowitz , Karel Kuchar , Alok Laddha , Chad Middleton , Jorge Pullin.

Mathematical Properties of the Einstein Equations and Their Solutions with talks by Beverly Berger, Simonetta Frittelli, Jim Isenberg, Lee Lindblom.

Other Topics in Field Theory and Gravitation with presentations by Randy Dumse and William Pezzaglia

Jorge Pullin 2003-09-15