Xth Brazilian School of cosmology and gravitation

Mario Novello, CBPF, Rio de Janeiro novello@cbpf.br
In 2002, during the Xth Brazilian School of Cosmology and Gravitation (BSCG), we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the School, which has been organized since 1977 by the Group of Cosmology and Gravitation of the CBPF. To commemorate this unique moment, a web page is being launched with all the 93 lectures and seminars of the first nine schools ( the proceedings of the Xth BSCG will be published this year by AIP): more than 4500 pages in pdf format, provided by many of the most important scientists in Cosmology, Gravitation, Astrophysics, and Field Theory. It is an important contribution for students and researchers in these areas, which shows the historical evolution of physics in the last 25 years. This material can be accessed through the page of the Group of Cosmology and Gravitation of the CBPF:


Jorge Pullin 2003-09-15