GGR Activities

Richard Price, University of Utah (for the Exec. Committee)
Our Topical Group in Gravitation continues to be a success when measured by its size, as well as by any other metric. We have 1.4% of the total APS membership. Of the 9 APS Topical Groups, GGR is number 3 in size. It is ironic that our membership has grown, but that we recently slipped from our number 2 position due to a jump in membership of the magnetism topical group. (It is tempting to make puns about many body phenomena here.) The topical group in Statistical and Nonlinear Physics remains in first place with 1.6% of APS membership. The larger subunits of the APS are Divisions, with a minimum of 3% of APS membership. Our GGR members come mostly from two APS Divisions: the Division of Astrophysics and the Division of Particles & Fields.

A new GGR activity this past year is the GGR sponsorship of student speaker awards at the regional gravity conferences. A new activity, long in the development, is the presentation of the Einstein awards, at a special Awards session (b6, Saturday 14:30) of the April APS meeting in Philadelphia. As always, a business meeting of our topical group will be held during the April meeting.

Awaiting us further in the future is the international celebration of the World Year of Physics in 2005. Judy Franz, Executive Director of the APS, is the head of US participation in the event. The inspiration for all this is the centenary of Einstein's 1905 papers, so GGR -- as the APS unit most closely associated with Einstein -- should play some role. The Executive Committee has been discussing ways in which this is to be done, but would benefit from suggestions.