We hear that...

Jorge Pullin pullin@phys.lsu.edu

Robert Wald has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences (I incorrectly reported this in the fall 2001 issue, at that time he had been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences).

Matt Choptuik was chosen among the top 20 researchers 40 years of age and under by the Canadian Insitute for Advanced Research (CIAR).

Patrick Brady and Amanda Peet have been awarded Sloan Fellowships. Brady also received a a Cottrell Science award from the Research Corporation.

Raphael Bousso and Fotini Markopoulou were chosen as the winners of the young researchers competition associated with the ``Science and ultimate reality'' symposium in honor of John Archibald Wheeler.

The Perimeter Institute in Waterloo Canada has received a major commitment from the Canadian Government. It will contribute $25 million over five years. Additional $11 million will be contributed towards the building. Prime Minister Chrétien spoke at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new building.

Hearty congratulations!

Jorge Pullin 2002-09-23